December 18, 2017


Londonderry, Ireland


Elder Lybbert

dec 18

So this week was pretty cold. It is starting to drop in temperature. It’s not too bad though. We are teaching a couple people and they are both interesting. One believes the earth is flat. Haha that was am interesting discussion. The other has a little kid that has health problems, its a long story. All our normal people dropped us.
So I am staying in Derry for another transfer so it will actually be 7 weeks because this last one was only 5 weeks. So on christmas day I’ll skype home. It will probably be 3 my time so like 8am your time as long as there is 2 computers that what it will be haha. If not it will be at 4. but have questions and things you wanna talk about lol I can try to answer them all. So on the day before christmas eve we aree giong to a members then on christmas eve we are gonna have our own little party. then on christmas day we are going to the graydons. should be a lot of fun. So I’ll talk to you guys soon! Until then have a great week and merry christmas!

Note:  see picture of “blyth yuletide” holiday lighted sign which is Scots Ulster for Merry Christmas.


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