December 11, 2017


Londonderry, Ireland


Elder Lybbert

dec 11

So another week in Derry! This Saturday is moves call and I don’t think I’ll get moved but who knows! I guess we will see.  Last pday we ended up going to giants causeway and it was really cool. but to be honest, I was kinda disappointed cause I’ve been to places that I thought were way cooler and fun like Malin head. But it was still good to go and I took a lot of pics and videos. On Friday we had our all Ireland conference in Dublin so we took a bus to Omagh then we stayed the night and in the morning we drove to Dublin.  When we woke up in the morning it had snowed all night and there was like 4 inches of snow everywhere! It was really cool!  I haven’t seen proper snow like that in a while so it was super fun.  The conference in Dublin was really good as always.  So this week I learned a couple things like be careful what you pray for cause you just might get it. We had just left the flat and were walking to the church Sunday morning and we had decided to just go in our suits and tough it out haha. But after we left I realized that I didn’t bring an umbrella or anything so if it rained we would have been screwed (because it was freezing outside and it like a 45min walk to church.)  But I said a prayer for it not to rain and then like 10 min later it started to snow... haha it didnt rain!  This week overall was pretty good and hopefully next week is good as well.

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine and warmth for me haha.

Love Elder Price


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