October 23, 2017


Londonderry, Ireland


Elder Meyer

The hurricane

So another week in Ireland! Last week the whole city shut down early cause apparently there was a hurricane headed this way. So around 12 the whole city shut down like bridges and everything. We went to a football pitch (soccer field) and just kinda messed around over there for a while but nothing happened to us.  The storm didn't hit us till about 10 at night and then it wasn't even bad.  I’ve had worse days out finding on the street before. But we were lucky, down south they got hit really hard like in Cork and Galway and Dublin.  This week was pretty uneventful. we found most of the week and it is starting to get colder but its not bad yet. i cant believe its been a year since I opened my call!  That’s so crazy and now I’ve been out for 8 months! Time flies.

So we got a new bishop a couple weeks ago and he’s not too bad, he’s kind of awkward but not too bad. The ward is interesting, lol, the people are super nice and there are some great families but there’s some weird people as well.  I guess that’s every ward haha.  So funny enough there is a wedding at the church on the 11th that I think we are going to so I may not be at Brandons wedding but I’ll be at a wedding. We were over for dinner at the Graydons again last night and it was a lot of fun we showed them how to play signs and they loved it. i always look forward to going over for dinner at there house on Sundays.

I think it was 2 weeks ago now we went to see some castle ruins and it was a lot of fun.  We saw a bunch of really cool stuff and I climbed a bunch of things that were super cool. I’ll send some of the pictures that i have of that day.

The whole apostle thing coming to our mission was half true. I got my hopes up too high but apparently this week is the Scotland conference and the apostle is gonna go there! So we don’t get to see him but you know oh well, I guess there are a couple down sides to being in Ireland (haha).  The all Ireland conference was great we had a great meeting and I got to see a bunch of people that I haven't seen in a long time so that was really good.

So about the whole mission changes thing, one of the reasons why we don’t have tablets or smartphones is because of the Republic of Ireland. They have laws about not having records of other people. The way the law is it really doesnt make sense but so one of the bigger problems with having tablets would be having an area book, but there are a couple ways around.  I think if anything they would probably just get us all smartphones which I personally would way rather have, that would be so helpful.  Right now we share a phone and its an old brick. It kinda sucks, it freezes all the time on me and you can only send out mass texts to 10 people at a time but on the bright side they are almost indestructible... almost.

This week nothing really too crazy happened. We met some interesting people, but we always do that, haha.  So this one guy was talking to us about his whole life story basically and its crazy! At one point during the troubles in Derry he got in this huge fight trying to help his little brother out, and he got shot a couple times. He showed us his calf where one of the bullets hit him and it basically ripped almost all of his calf muscle off and there is a huge scar going up the back of his leg. he siad that it ripped like 4 tendons and a bunch of nerves a stuff and now he physically cannot put his heel down when he walks. He is always on his toes on his right foot. But this guy’s story is crazy like literally buckwild. And then another day we gave a BOM to a satanist. so just another week in derry!

Love you all

Love Elder Price

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