October 9, 2017


Londonderry, Ireland


Elder Meyer

Oct 9th

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! I did get a ton of emails for my bday and a lot of them were from people that I wasnt quite expecting. We watched conference in the library for companion study and it was really great! I really enjoyed conference this time! All the talks were so good. This was definitely my favorite conference so far!  This week went by pretty fast, its crazy they all go by so fast. So I only go on exchanges with the zone leaders in Belfast once a transfer but then I also go on 2 exchanges with the elders in Omagh, so only 3 in total.  We also spend every pday with the Omagh boys as well. Its a ton of fun. Im not totally sure what were doing today but I know that we have to head to Belfast tonight so that we can get a bus to Dublin on Tuesday morning for our all Ireland conference! Thats gonna be so amazing! And there is a rumor that at the end of October there will be an apostle visiting our mission.  Im pretty sure there is but we’re trying to guess who it is gonna be. So that willl be great! My new companion is Elder Myers from Washington and I am follow up training so this will be my second son already haha. He is pretty cool, we get along pretty well.  I’m just trying to help him talk to people on the street.  I cant believe I am the social one.  I’m way better than when I first started, its crazy when I think back to talking to random people on the street and it was kinda terrifying haha but im used to it now so even when a crazy drunk guy interrupts our conversation for his random mumbling it just doesn't phase me lol. So random thought….did I tell you about how I saw a fight in Derry like my second day here?  It was crazy, they fought in the street for like 5 min then one guy just picked up the other guy and body slammed him onto the ground. The guy got up and had blood running down his face then stumbled off.  It was so crazy.  Ireland is great. We just got a new bishop on Sunday so this should be interesting but it’ll be a good experience. And I’ll let you know for sure how my bday goes next week!

Love You all!!

Love Elder Price


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