April 9, 2019


Denver, Colorado


Elder Reusch

Weekly BBQ

Hey everyone this week was pretty decent and it went by pretty fast so thats always a good thing haha. There wasn't too much that happened so this weeks is going to be short but it's all good. We haven't had any luck finding anyone but we are still trying. I went and taught a lesson with some of the english elders which was awesome. The lady we taught also invited her friend Joey to the lesson and he loved it and we invited him to watch Conference and he said he would. We gave him a book of mormon and he texted us saying he watched the morning session and really liked it and that he was going to watch the rest of it which was really awesome to hear!!

This week we also had zone conference which was pretty good! The whole zone met together at a church and we were taught different and better ways we can share the gospel and we did a bunch of role plays. The conference went from 9 am to 5pm so it was the whole day and it was the most tired i've been. Even though we were just sitting pretty much the whole time it killed me hahah. It was super good though and we all learned a ton from it!

General conference was super good! I really enjoyed all the talks that were given. The first session on saturday we watched with the member that we are staying with which was a good time. For the afternoon session us and a bunch of other missionaries went over to the church and brough some frozen pizzas and fries and a bunch of food for lunch and then watched conference there and that was good as well. For sunday in the morning we went to a members house that invited us over for a huge breakfast. We had a ton of crepes and a sausage egg casserole that was really good and then just a ton of fruit haha. It was super good.

Also I forgot we found a grill on the curb that was free so we got that and brought it to our house and had a bunch of missionaries over and had a grill night for dinner that we all decided we are going to do once a week when we all don't have a dinner planned. We grilled a bunch of chicken and vegtables too. It was super good and way fun.

Also there was a ton of service this week as well. We got called to help someone move a ton of furniture upstaires which was very hard. 2 Entertainment systems about 5 huge dressers and then a king bed as well. It was a lot of hard work but then they gave us a bunch of food as well so it was very nice haha.

Other than that I can't think of much else that happened this week. It was a good week and conference was great and I learned a lot from it. I hope everyone elses week was good and that everyone enjoyed and watched conference as well. I will talk to you all next week. Hope everyone has a good week!!


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