February 14, 2019


Mexico Missionary Training Center


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This week was super cool! Thursday when I last wrote was our first P day and as nice as it was let me tell ya having to wake up at 6:30 after relaxing the whole day is just about the hardest thing I've done here. But p day was super nice me and my comp and some of my district walked around the whole MTV and took pictures and worked out and then came back and slept hahah and later at night at around 6 we had one class before bed so it wasn't too bad.

Friday was just another day of classes and eating but also we had a devotional that evening at 4 by Elder Cook which was the coolest devotional I have been to! Him and his wife spoke along with a few other people that were pretty high up as well. It's super awesome to hear a general authority in person talk directly to missionaries and about missionary work. He stuck around after to shake everyone's hands which was awesome as well. After that we just had some personal study and a short lesson by one of our teachers and then it was to bed.

Saturday was pretty nice it went by fast which is always a good thing! We were told throughout the week that every Sunday we needed to prepare at least a 5 min talk in Spanish for Sunday because they choose people randomly to talk on Sunday but you don't know until they announce it right then so it's pretty scary. So me knowing that I waiting until Saturday to write my talk. The topic for all the talks Is the same for everyone and this week it was prophets. It's pretty hard to write a talk in a language you only know about 100 words in so by the time I wrote my talk I timed it and it was a solid 2 and a half minutes so not too bad hahah. But once that was finished mine and my comps roommates were messing around with us so I thought of a good way to get them back and I decided we will set the clock 4 hours ahead at night so the alarm at 6:30 will now go off around 2 am. So right before bed I told our roommate that he could shower first in the morning and he was happy about that so right as the alarm went off he got up way fast and jumped right in the shower. right as I heard the water turn on I changed the clock back and then we are started dying laughing even his comp. We prolly woke everyone in our house up but it was worth it. He came out to get ready for his classes and then looked at the clock and saw it said like 2:30 am, looked at all of us, went to check his iPad to see if it really was 2 and then started laughing as well hahahaha it was the funniest thing ever. And then we all went back to bed but I just had to share that HAHAHAH.

Sunday finally came and it was the scariest thing ever. everyone is just hoping they don't call your name to talk. We got to sacrament meeting and it's all in Spanish and the guy started talking and he announced 3 names and I didn't hear mine so I thought I was in the clear. Turns out he was just thanking the people for doing the music and such. After we sang and took the sacrament our bishop got up and made some more announcements and then continued to say that we were at his favorito parte so everyone got ready to hear the names. He called the first one and started with hermana so I knew I was in the clear then second he said Elder and paused and then read an elders name who left on Monday and then 2 more hermanas. It was honestly the scariest thing to hear but pretty fun too hahaha. I sure I will get it one of the weeks but I will know more spanish so it will be fine hahah.

Monday was just class as usual nothing too exciting I can remember. But one of our teachers the best one we have is in the hospital cause he's super sick and our morning teacher no one can ever understand her so it's pretty rough but our substitute teachers in the afternoon have been actually super good and I've been learning a ton!

Tuesday we had a ton more missionaries come in and we got 12 more into our zone but I haven't seen any of them yet. We might have the Biggest zone now. we have like 40 people hahah it's way sweet though everyone is way cool and tuesday night we had Costco pizza again which is always so good. Every other night at least half the people including me make a peanutbutter and nutella sandwich for dinner cause it's the same stuff we've had before so that's usually the better option ha

Wednesday was about the same. Except the zone that came in we went to go meet later that night because they have a meeting to kinda introduce themselves and we couldnt find them at all so I still have no clue about the new people and dont know what they look like.

Today has been way cool! Our district along with a few other went to the temple at 8 am to go through it and it's a way awesome temple! Super cool looking. They gave us headsets so we could hear it in English but I just had one ear on so I could hear it in spanish too and it was super cool! It's way nice inside and as we were coming out Elder Cook was inside waiting to go through as well so we got to see him again, way cool! But this week has been way awesome and went by way fast. On the 3rd week all the teachers say that we can only speak spanish in class and they rarely speak English but I can understand just about everything they are saying now it's super sweet.

Hope everyone's week was good as well! Feel free to email me whenever I'll talk to you all again next week!

-Elder Labrum
Vida Grandiosas


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