January 15, 2020




Anziano Tyler Brady


You know sometimes the "fiery darts" are the adversary and really persistent. That's kind what it has felt like this whole last week but I'm doing good. I just really had to roll up my sleeves and get to work, read and pray a lot!
This week we did a lot of finding(surprise) and actually got a couple numbers!! There was this one girl from Honduras so that was fun to speak some Spanish! Oh and there was this one dude from Pakistan that we talked to him and he just asked us what we want to drink, and he just started walking and said go follow him so we followed him haha! He took us to a bar and we got some real nice waters and just kinda chilled with this random Pakistan dude for a bit. He said it's a normal thing to do in his country so ya. Then after he gave us his number and told us he would prepare dinner soon one night, and then off he went. The strange wise kind man from Pakistan. We had another lesson with our simp Niccolò! He is doing super good and I think he is gonna get baptized! Let's hope! I just wanna find some families! But I'm grateful for whatever.
Oh man I just have to tell y'all how true the Book of Mormon is. Like I believe it from page 1 to page 531! These people really did live! They really did cross the great waters from Jerusalem to the Americas. King Benjamin really did preach to all of his people about Christ! Abinadi really did resist the guards of the king until he had finished preaching that of which the Lord desired! And his only concert really was Alma(the old). And Ammon truly did convert a blood thirsty group of people into disciples of Christ! Helaman did lead a group of 2000 brave and faithful teenagers in defense of their families, land, freedom and religion! Mormon really did put the whole book together and before dying pasted it off to his son Moroni, and Moroni did in reality lived a quit lonely and sad life. However he kept the commandments of God, and buried the sacred record in the hill Cumorah. AND SERIOUSLY about 1,400 years later, the boy-prophet Joseph Smith was guided and instructed by that same Moroni to receive that record and translate it by the power of God. 
This Book has been examined again and again and just ripped apart for the last 200 or so years, and it still stands. Before anyone can leave their covenants behind and walk out that door calling it all a fairy tale, they have to go through the Book of Mormon. You have to convince yourself of some pathetic lie of how those marvelous words found themselves on such spirit filled and inspiring pages, and why a young man(and many others), would sacrifice his whole life and eventually give his life as a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true. It is so true. And even more importantly It is true that that young 14 year old boy received an answer to his sincere search, and saw God the Father, and the Son Jesus Christ. They really did speak to him. From that point on Joseph Smith stood as a firm witness of Christ and later in cartridge he died as one. Earth must truly atone for the blood of that man. 
You know missions can really stink. I mean it is truly just miserably hard work. Some days you feel alone and abandoned and others you barely have enough energy to take the next step in your worn down shoes, but it is great because I know why I am out here and who is right along with me. It is so special to be able to share a personal testimony of Christ! I cannot Express how grateful I am to be able to bring this message and to bare testimony of it!  To the few that will listen, I am sure that I bare a clear testimony that Christ lives and has a body of flesh and bone as tangible as mans, and that this is his restored church, and that The Book of Mormon is true. Such a blessing to be here! 
I am so excited for the next general conference! Get ready! Its gonna be a killer. 


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