December 23, 2019




Anziano Tyler Brady


Wow, what a weird week! So i made it through my first week of prato. Today is out p-day because Christmas is on Wednesday. We came to florence today and walked around and saw a ton of cool stuff! We also ate the fiorentina bistecca which was like the best steak I have had in my life!! Ok, summary of my week:
So we are finally getting somewhere a little bit. I am super pumped to get some work going but like it's Christmas time so nobody really wants to meet with us, but that's ok! Me and my comp just get along so easily so that's nice. We just go out on streets and have some fun with it! 
On Saturday we had a ward activity and I was super excited to finally meet the members. So we get there and everybody is there and we walk in through the door and the members glare at us and then look away and it was just so wierd. We walked around and tried to talk to people and they were pretty nice. It was just weird because I am used to like walking into the church and owning the place and everybody knowing me, but this was really weird!!! But there is like this weird feeling between the members and missionaries(thanks to past missionaries) but we are working on it.
You know right now I am really trying to get to know Jesus better. With this Christmas season I just have this desire to get to know him more. So I've been reading jesus the christ and praying a lot and I can feel his heart connecting to mine. I mean everytime he looks at the scares on his hands he thinks of me, so the least I can do is remind myself of him😁 I just love that guy. He lives, like just as you and I do! That's a cool thing. 
I also listening to "A Childs Prayer" and dang, that song is good. He really does hear our prayers! Right now I'm getting tested for sure. But I'm gonna just keep on going forward! Just keep swimming, just swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming....
Merry Christmas! Find him!!!


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