December 4, 2019




Anziano Jacob Brase


Hey everybody! It has been a while. It's not that I have been too busy(lol) or anything, I have just not given time to writing these emails. But I felt it was something I should do, for my good and hopefully to help one of you. Well I counted and I only have to write 33 of these until I'm done including this one. So look forward to 32 more of these. I sure have loved my time out here. I am still in Sanremo and I still like it. I have a great comp, Anziano Brase, and we are killing it together. My president said he is gonna have to finally kick me out at the end of this transfer, so we will see.
My time here in Sanremo is running out, and let me tell ya I have learned so much down here. One thing have learned though is that even though church leaders may disappoint you(because they human too), the Lord will take care of you. He is so ridiculously close to your life and every situation in it that if you could see how he works, while still respecting others agency, you would see the world differently. The atonement is real! It can help you, just accept it! Turn your heart to God and have a good time!
I here this question a lot: "How could there be a God, when there are children suffering and dying on the streets, when they themselves have never done anything wrong? Wake up and see all the tragedies of the world and the and then tell me there is still a "Loving God" just watching. Where is God during these problems?" I look at them and I tell him, He is there! Where else would he be? He is there suffering right along with all of those people. So whose fault is it?? It is not Gods. It is ours! People that say that are such hypocrites. Because if they really cared about those suffering kids they wouldn't be complaining and pointing the fault at God, they would be doing everything they can to help! Sometimes God needs to let some pretty horrible things happen so that people will pay for their incorrect use of their agency. But at the end of the day, just rely on this, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding"(Proverbs 3:5). 
Haha anyway I just wanted to get that off my chest haha! So on a less serious note, I am loving my life! During this beautiful time of the year It is kind of hard not to be happy! So a couple days ago, we were walking to an appointment and a lady stopped us!(That never happens) and we talked to her and we found out that 10 years ago she had gotten a Book of Mormon and then forgot about it until a week ago she stumbled upon it and read almost all of 1 Nephi and was reminded of the feeling she felt 10 years ago! We met with her yesterday and we have another appointment for tomorrow and she is just the best! Her name is Silvia and the first lesson went really well. But it's like a crazy miracle! Like that is literally the hand of God. No doubt about it! I just love that book! I just love Jesus!! Guys, the mission is the hardest thing to explain, but it is just the best. So don't flip out, just get out here and come see for yourself!
Other than that, it has just been a lot of the good ol' grindin! Lots of hours on the streets, lots of rejections, but hey, I'm doing the work of my father, how could I be sad!? The italian is super fun and super spicy. I love this place, and also hate it at the same time... haha! man i am really flippin tired. My body can feel I have been out here for a sec, but Im just gonna keep on trying to be better! Alright love you guys! Do it for Jesus! The gospel is fun, and so is life! Ciao ciao!!


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