October 9, 2019




Anziano Steven Hopkins


What's up! I hope you guys are enjoying fall! It's like the best time of the year! The weather over here in Italy is absolutely perfect! So beautiful! I'm seriously so lucky to be here. I just love it! And specifically my area of Sanremo. There is just so much to do and see here it's crazy! 
Anyway me and my comp are started to become more united so it has been awesome. We work well together and have been getting a lot done. We have this one investigator named Boris. He has met with the missionaries a lot but his story is a little sad. His wife died and after she died he believed that if he had enough faith, and asked God, that Jesus would rise her from the dead like he has done in The New Testament. He prayed and felt the spirit so strongly, and he was absolutely 100% sure that she would come back. Well, when she didn't, the faith, love and hope he once felt turned into anger, confusion and dis-trustfulness. 
But he does believe in God because he is a very talented piano player, and believes that musicians have received inspiration from someplace else. So music has a special way of touching his heart. He also has never been able to connect with any of the other missionaries because the ones he has gotten haven't faced anything like he has with the death of his wife. Well... guess who connects on both those points, 🙋‍♂️. So I think there's a chance. Just lots of prayers for this guy would be nice.😁
So anyway I am loving life. There are so many south Americans here so I am trying to relearn Spanish.#gracias Sra. Van Voris. And it's been really fun! I roughly outlined the plan of salvation to this Peruvian lady that didn't speak a word of Italian. So I guess I'm pretty good haha! 
Well with Boris, he had already been taught the Plan of Happiness but he just hasn't accepted it yet. But seriously, that plan gives us an eternal scope. We can understand why things happen. We know why we are here, and what the goal is. In reality, our earthly life is really quit small compared to what we lived before, and what will happen after. The truth is, life can really hurt sometimes. But that doesn't mean we always have to be struggling or be sad. We are to find Joy! Life is a gift. We should not be searching or even expecting trials. The gospel is just the most efficient way to overcame and learn, from the normal difficulties that come with life. But don't fall into the trap of thinking this life HAS to be hard. Because it truly is a wonderful life! 
Ciao ciao!!!


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