September 13, 2019




Anziano Steven Hopkins


These last couple of weeks have been great! Super tiring! But honestly just a blast...
Miracle #1: This last Sunday we went to bring the sacrament to this super old lady that can't come cause she's old. And when we walked in the house I noticed she had a south American looking badante(a person that take care of old people in their house). I realized I had Spanish Book of Mormon in my back pack so I immediately felt like I should talk to her. Well we where in the living room with this old lady just talking with her before she gets the sacrament, and I just heard, "Just get up and go"(This south American is in the kitchen). So I've been trying to act on the promptings of the Spirit right when I get them instead of overthinking them, so I just stood up, and everybody looked at me weird, and I just walked out! I don't why I didn't say anything hahaha I just got up and left! Anyway I got the kitchen and I said the two most magical words in the world, "Hablas español?"(Do you speak Spanish) haha from that point on..... I was in! Her name is Esperanza and she is from Ecuador and has 2 kids. I started talking to her about religion, and I gave her the Book of Mormon in Spanish and she started to read the introduction and couldn't stop! She read the whole thing right in front of me! I was just sitting there and all of a sudden this superb strong Spirit just consumed the room! So I was like, woah... so when she finished I asked her if she felt that fire in her chest. She exclaimed, "Yes, it's a beautiful feeling of peace. I really like these things" I told her that's the Holy Spirit telling her that the things that she just read are true. Then we did the sacrament thing and had to leave but we got her number and we are gonna go over the her house soon! She's gonna be baptized I'm calling it now.
Miracle #2: So there is this awesome less active member named Marisol. I did a couple of lessons with her last transfer and she is just super spiritual and an awesome person. So her phone broke a  couple of weeks ago so we haven't been able to go see her! And she lives 1 1/2 hours away in a bus so like it's a pricey visit. Well Monday we found ourselves in a completely open day with nothing to do. So I honestly did feel prompted to go to her. Without an appointment, without her knowing just us going there.(I also had never been to her house, every time we did a lesson we walked around the port and found a bench, but my last comp explained to me where she lives) so we jump on the bus and head out there. We get to the house and the gate is open and I see a couple of dudes smoking so I walk right in and asked them I'm Marisol is home. They say ya and they go get her. She was way happy to see us! The guys smoking was her boyfriend and his dad. But they are like the nicest guys I have ever met! So we talked to all of them! About the church, us, anything! Later the mom and sister of the boyfriend got there and we all just talked and had a great time. So Marisol lives with her boyfriend in a condo shared with his family. But dang they are rich. Anyway they all really liked us and invited us back for dinner this next Friday! It was simply a miracle that we even found Marisol let alone talk to all of these people about the church! That was a very much needed tender mercy! 
I just love my life. I've been learning so clearly that a grateful life is a happy life! It's super true!  Even when things are a little rough like these last couple of weeks, if we just find the things to be happy about, instead of always finding the negative things, we are just happier! This also applies to the people around us. We should always be searching for the best in others and see them as God sees them. So ya we might live in a world where the people are kinda gross and seem like just bad people, but we need to find the good in them! Look for the positive things, they are always there. We need to love everybody! 
I've also learned how to study really good. I have these bucket of water that I stick in the freezer and when I'm falling asleep during the day I just pull it out and stick my feet in while I study! There's no way I can sleep through that hahha! Alright love you guys! 


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