August 21, 2019




Anziano Steven Hopkins

The other lot of paradise

Hey guys! It's been a while but despite all the odds I'm still out here having fun in Italy haha! I hit my year mark on August 8th and I'm just trying to keep on goin! 
So here in Sanremo we meet with a ton of south American inactive people so we actually get fed at least once a week usually 2 and sometimes three! But the best part about south Americans is that they feed you so dang much that you are full for a whole 24 hours! It's great. This last week we are at these Peruvians house and every time I have gone over there I just have always felt uneasy and weird. But I mean they are awesome people but I never liked the feeling in that house. So this last Saturday right before going to their house I was thinking about that and I felt prompted to ask them if they wanted a blessing on the house. So at the end we did a lesson on the priesthood and I asked then if they wanted a blessing on the house and they all like said yes pleaseeeeee like super quickly. So I did and immediately an immense sense of light and peace replaced the uneasy darkness that was there. It was awesome. The Priesthood is legit, not just a word we say but a legit authority and power to do the things that Jesus did.
Alright now to address the title of this email. So Sunday night I was tired and just dealing with the normal emotions of the mission and I thought you know watchin a little church movie would make me feel real good because we have like these crappy little DVD players in our apartment. So I was looking through all the DVDs and I saw one that said "L'altro lato del Paradiso". I was like, "The other lot of paradise? Sounds a whole lot like the other side of heaven!" Haha so it was that movie but in Italian so I thought that would be perfect! Anyway I remember watching that when I was younger and how I said I was excited to do that! I saw Elder Grobergs challenges and I wanted to do that! My whole life I was like that, just so confident in the Lord that I could literally do anything, survive anything or even die on the mission and it wouldn't scare me one bit. Well I watched that movie again and that night and I did the same thing I did like 8 years ago and I put myself in Elder Grobergs situation except this time it FREAKED THE HECK OUT OF ME!! I could not believe I had ever said those things before.
So I sat there after it finished thinking about it. And I just asked Heavenly Father like how did he do it. And how I at that moment wouldn't have been able to. And how I lost that fire I once had. Then I realized how I said those things and how Elder Groberg did what he did. He simply just knew and trusted he was in the hands of the Lord, so why couldn't he? I had that fire because I had so much faith and trust that I would not be alone. That I would be doing his work, and my life would be directly controlled by him. 
So at that moment I started to get that feeling back and I prayed a lot for it back and I got it. I'm on the Lords errand, how could I complain? I am exactly where the Lord wants me to be, and in doing exactly what he wants me to do. What a blessing! I realized I lost that the day I got to the MTC and I haven't fully got it back until now. Just the trust and faith to know that all will be well, and that now trial can stop me. That beautiful childlike enthusiastic faith that moves mountains! Like the deep strong roots of an Oak tree!
Today is transfer day so my lovely comp Anziano Llerena left and I got a new comp named Anziano Hopkins, he seems like a cool kid. 


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