July 3, 2019




Anziano William Prince

Celestial Habits

For those of you that have served a mission or are serving a mission you know what the first 3 weeks are like. Like absolute complete terror. But like in a funny way. You arrive in the field, all your MTC buddies are gone, your trainer throws you into beautifully awkward situations so you can learn from experience, and you realize truly how unqualified and weak you really are. Why are missions so great? Because it pushes the Sister/Elder into the corner of the ring at which they realize they gotta tap into the help of God more than they have ever done before. They realize that without God they simply can't do it. They humble themselves and they start doing the only logical thing to do.
1. They FEAST upon the words of Christ. Not just a casual scripture study here and there they FEAST. Without that knowledge and spirit the missionary cannot bare witness of it if he knows absolutely nothing about what he is saying. "The words of Christ will tell you ALL things that ye should do". Not just church stuff but EVERYTHING. This lost missionary needs help and answers from God so he FEASTS. And here we start the habit of feasting upon the words of Christ daily.
2. They pray like they have never prayed before. For me my entire day is just one continuous prayer. But the average missionary prays on his knees about 8 times a day. Not even including all the other quick prayers in our minds in hearts. We do this becasue we need to be in contact with that creator of which we bare witness. We feel close to God and we feel the saviors atonemant wrap us up. 
A missionary cannot do these two things without experiencing an immense change. Thanks to the mission I have the opportunity to acquire these habits. Now I'm getting basically all of this information from a man name Hyrum W. Smith. He said in his talk that every time he talks with a missionary and they something like, "I miss the spirit of the mission" or "I was just so happy" that he flips out and he asks them, "WHY?!?! Why Elder/Sister??? What aren't you doing now that you were doing before??" Everytime without fault these missionaries barely touch the words of christ let alone feast and pray maybe once at night if they aren't too tired. 
If any of you(current missionaries, return missionaries or neither) are lost and need help from God, make sure to turn on these two spickets. Feast upon the words of Christ and pray like you have never prayed before. 
On that note, this week has been a week in which I needed the powers of Heaven. A couple days ago, weighed down with tiredness and trials of the mission, I stopped myself in the middle of my personal study and went on my knees. Begging for God to help me. I eventually was just so humbled, with my nose on the tile, praying like I had never prayed before. This humbling experience is one I cannot forget! The immediate goodness of God is real Now ya people say missions are hard and that's true but most of the mission is fun! You are filled with the spirit and sendin it for Jesus! It's just the best! And every once and a while God blesses you to witness his work in someone's life! On Saturday Neide Josefina Sandoval was baptized. The best Sunday, she was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was a miracle!! 
I know the Savior doesn't just know or understand why we feel but truly feels it himself. So walk forward with confidence with that knowledge. That you have the Savior of the World suffering with you, and rejoicing with you! 


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