June 19, 2019




Anziano William Prince

The good life

Hey how are you guys!? I really need to get better on writing my weekly haha(if anybody still reads them). Its crazy, I'm over 10 months in and it's just flying by! Like I feel at home here. Like Italy is now where I live, I'm used to it, and I'm loving it! I'm just content. Just grinding it out. Alright I'll try to recount my week.
Friday: We did service at this Catholic place where you give food to homeless people. It sounds like a fun nice place where people are carelessly serving and homeless get free food and are a happy for a bit right!? NO. It's my least favorite part of the week haha. These homeless people are real nasty and yell at me all the time and try to convince me to sneak them food and when I say "no" they get super ticked and they are just all really ungrateful. Like if they don't like the food they will complain! I'm like, well beggars can't be choosers so eat it, or don't eat! Anyway I try to make it fun and it's a good test if my long suffering!
Saturday: We went to our Venezuelans and they are just awesome as always! One sister is getting baptized the 29th of June and the other just wants to take a little more time. But the one getting baptized has daughters that likes us so we are hoping that after her baptism they might wanna do the same thing! Who knows?!?!?
Sunday: Good old church. I gave a talk again and it was lit. For those of you that have learned a language you will know that somedays, while learning the language, you just can't seem to speak haha. Sunday was one of those days and all the members were asking if I'm ok because I could understand them but speaking just wasn't flowing haha so that was annoying. Oh and this 18 year old Italian girl came into church. We got a referral this last week for her and we called and she came into church! A year ago she was an exchange student in Mesa Arizona for a whole year! She lived with a family that are members and apparently she knows the church is true so we will see what happens!
Monday: We went to our Venezuelans again. We planned out our week. Just your basic Monday nothin spacial.
Tuesday: We had district meeting which was awesome and my district is super close and for my training I just talked about how our companions give us an opportunity to selflessly serve someone. I love Jesus man, seriously.
Wednesday(Today): We are just goin to IKEA again haha it's lit.
Pensieri: There is this video of an old man with like the shaking disease like Parkinson's or something and in this video he is just loving his wife that has some sort of disability and he just loves her so much and at the end of the video it says, "Marriage provides an ideal setting for overcoming any tendency to be selfish or self-centered. . . . Pure love is an incomparable, potent power for good, and the foundation of a successful marriage". Yes this is a quote about marriage but this can be compared to so many things! Like our families, we can look at them as annoying people we have to live with or we can see them as people we love and an opportunity to serve them, an opportunity to forget yourself and be Christ like. My invite to you guys and to find someone you love, and do something little for them to show that you love them, and you love them enough to forget about what you want, and serve them. 


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