June 5, 2019




Anziano William Prince

Leaving the country/ comp swords

Hey! Its finally summer! I'm so sick of the cold, bring on the heat! I have always thought it would fun to be hot and sweaty during missionary work cause that's how I have always imagined it! Alright I'm gonna try to recount my last week but I can't remember very well so give me a brake.

Thursday: We did a lesson with this older Simp(Investigator) named Giuseppe and we did it in a bar so that was fun!
Friday: We did a lesson with these Venezuelan sisters and it went really well! We talked about baptism and one sister wants to be baptized so bad and the other wants to sometimes. So I told them to talk about and pray about it and the next day I would call them and discuss baptism.
Saturday: Did a lesson with this weird Peruvian lady. After we played basketball with a member and we talked about the church with some big huge African guys. Oh and we called the Venezuelans and we set a bapt date for the 29th of June. Heck ya! Sweet!!!
Sunday: Went to church, there were like 8 people there but the Venezuelans came. So I went up there and taught a lesson/testimony for the Venezuelans. After we taught them about tithing and they accepted it so easily. 
Monday: Oh ya, I just remembered that we didn't play basketball on Saturday, we played on Monday with the Africans. 
Tuesday: we taught the Venezuelans again. We are super excited for the baptism. 
Wednesday: Alright, now to address the name of this email. We went to this place called San Marino. Its apparently the first country ever officially established so it's a really cool, really tiny country! My companion and I bought some ninja swords because they are way cheap and way sick. Realllllyyyy cool p-day, really good time. I also bought the most fabulous watch of my life.  Happy Birthday to me!!
Spiritual: I just really love this place. I'm loving being a missionary and I love doing the Lords work in a fun way. Don't get me wrong it's super hard, but there is a satisfaction that comes from it. Anyway I have been teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ a lot and I've learned that it's the best! Mess up repent be happy repeat. Love you guys!


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