May 23, 2019




Anziano William Prince

If there's no peace in us, there is peace in him

Hey guys, I really need to step up my email game. I've been slackin hard core but I'm gonna try to step it up again. I am still training and still loving Ancona. We have sort of 2 families we are teaching right now and 2 Venezuelan sisters that are looking really good for baptism then a life time of discipleship. These last weeks really haven't been that bad. Just a little slow, and sometimes the mission will just be like that when you are a little down. Anyway I would just like to address the feelings of my soul.
With my mission as a whole, and especially these last couple of weeks, I have been made aware of the reality the atonement, and how deep and personal The Living Christ is. I can not explain it, but there is a feeling, a very physical and spiritual reaction when I have the possibility to share the atoning sacrifice of Jesus. His eternal sacrifice is like a safety net. Yes, in the way of sinning and being saved, but also a safety net when I feel like I can not take another step. When I feel lost, sad, discouraged and alone, I feel his atonement catch me. He will not let us fall! The Atonement of Jesus Christ is a very real and physical thing. That feeling I feel is the light of Christ exploding in me! We are loved! Cared for! Constantly being saved.
I have learned a lot in my mission thus far about church history, the scriptures and lots of church doctrine. But I still always feel pushed to bare testimony of the things I have known my entire life! God is real! The manifestation of his love, Jesus Christ, is the key to enduring joy and eternal life. "Fear not, I am with thee, oh be not dismayed. For I, am they God, and will still give thee aid. I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand". If we can't find peace within us, there is peace in Christ. I can't explain how it comes or how it works but I know it's real. 
Lastly, learn of the beauty and majesty of Christ by reading The Book of Mormon. Feed your soul, kindle that fire. Oh man I love this mission. 


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