May 1, 2019




Anziano William Prince

The Filipino life/Week...IDK

Hahaha, oh man. I'm diggin this mission thing right now! These last 2 weeks have been awesome! Training is pretty cool but also pretty normal for me because President has always matched me up with comps that are younger than me so it really doesn't feel that different. But it's weird because President is going home in like 2 months so me training is the last assignment he will ever give me. I so love that guy honestly, great guy super cool. I've also just thrown myself into this culture. Like now that the language is just there I'm working on becoming as Italian as I can. Like honestly, my entire life and everything I am has just been preparing me to serve in this exact mission, of northern Italy. I was born for this. So I'm learning how to cook all this cool stuff. I just love this place and these people and like man, I was made to come here. 
So this transfer has just been super great. The work just keeps picking up, and we are just sending it! The branch presidents family is just the best and I'm pretty sure we have seen at least one member if their family everyday in these last 2 weeks haha. I'm really just one of their family, super chill and close. Even right now while I'm writing this email the branch President and his wife are messaging me on messenger haha! Haha branch life is super chill. We are all just a family! 

This last week for a couple of our appointments with the members we have simply just played a game where the family names things they love about each other and it has been really cool. It's a game my Mom made us do every week to start out family night or family council. And just like simply expressing love it makes all the difference! We sometimes forget that love is a verb and we treat it like a noun that is always there. But we gotta show and express our love. It makes us happier and brings families closer together and creates a healthier atmosphere! 
I just love Jesus. Like I feel pretty unqualified for training because when my comp asks me for advice I'm like, "Dude, just like love Jesus and make it about Jesus and you'll be fine. Just love that guy!" Haha pretty simple advice but after 19  years and being in the church and 9 months of being a missionary that's my best answer. Use that light of Christ that is in you!!!!!!!! Let me say that again, USE THAT LIGHT OF CHRIST THAT IS IN YOU!!! We all have it! That light guides us to being able to touch people's lives so personally, and so individually in a way that could only come from a Father, and The Savior. When we look into the eyes of a person and we see a brother or a sister who needs our help, the light of Christ drives us to love and help this person with complete forgetfulness of yourself. So let's try that ya? Share the light! Use it! 
- Anziano Bawden


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