April 18, 2019




Anziano William Prince

Faccio l'adattatore (I do the trainer)

Well my comp left and now I have a new missionary. It's pretty fun being a father! My kid is named Anziano Prince and he's like half Mexican  so it's lit. I'm still in Ancona and still loving it. My son is soòooo chill it's so nice. I'm loving life.
Well this week I really started to learn what ministering means. I saw this video on Facebook and a guy said there isn't really a difference between ministering and friendship. And then I realized how ministering at home is super similar to missionary work. I thought about this because I had a lesson with this slightly less active lady named Jessica and she is a little sad because she is like almost 40 and not married and lives with her mom and her mom isn't a member and like hates our church so this lady just has a little rough life. Anyway we did a lesson with her and we just fell in love with her. Like the spirit was super strong as we were just expressing God's love for her and our love for her and it just helped her so much. And most of the time we were talking about A Star is Born haha! She just needed some members to have fun with her and invite the spirit and talk about the gospel and just love each other. It was like my favorite lesson. Just being friends and helping raise each other up. 
So like I realized how a mission is like ministering except I am assigned everybody in this area. It made me change my point of view. Like now I talk to people with a more sincere concern for them when I found out there problems and I help raise them up. I'm just trying to be like Jesus is. Anyway I am really loving my mission now. I am just really trying to make it about the love and Jesus and giving all my success to God and it's really nice. 

Haha my greeny asked my for some advice and like after 8 months of experience I just told him to just make it all about Jesus --- like just love him. Share him. Focus on trying to become like him. And these are principles for life too! Like just focus on helping others feel loved and you're happy! 
Oh gosh it's so weird training because I feel like 2 seconds ago I was on the other end haha but this should be fun!


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