April 3, 2019

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Reece Bawden

I'm liking the grind

Hey sorry for not writing last week, one thing I really miss is just not doing anything and not having to worry about doing something so on P-days I just enjoy sitting there and just letting my mind just run blank haha, I had such an easy life. Anyway ya, some cool stuff is Goin down over here.
So like 3 weeks ago I explained to this man on the bus what the book of Mormon is in like 5 seconds and then I had to get off the bus so I like threw the book at him and was like "Regalo"(gift) and told him there is a pamphlet inside that explains the history of our church and I jumped off the bus not even knowing his name. He didn't really talk much.
Then like a week ago, we walked outside our apartment and the trash guy asked if we were Mormons and then said that he was the guy from the bus. He then said he lost the book and would like another. So we have him another and we got his number and we set up an appointment with him on Saturday. He didn't show up but he came go church to my tiny little ward on Sunday. It's a long story and a lot of stuff happened but the sum of it is, he read a ton of the book of Mormon, we taught him the word of wisdom, I gave him a blessing to be able to give up smoking, and we set a baptismal date with him for the 25th of May..... All in the same 30 minute lesson. It was nuts but pretty cool. His name is Matteo  I now know. Totally just God working his magic. I'm just happy I am able to witness something so cool.
Anyway you guys should watch "I am the Bread of Life" from the bible videos. We have watched that with a lot of people because it's super good. Our goal, as missionaries, should always be to help these people partake of the bread of life. Which is Jesus Christ. Because every one of our souls has that natural hunger, that need for the beauty of the Spirit. Do watch that and make sure you are partaking, and then share it. 

My branch President is such awall, he quit his job from McDonalds and is not taking care of this old lady! ha ha
Anyway it's been a good time down here in Ancona.
Anyways, love you all! Ciao ciao!


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