March 21, 2019




Anziano Scott Hulbert

Big Boy Uchtdorf

Hey! Ya Anziano Uchtdorf came on Saturday and gave us a little visit so that was cool. He made it a big deal about learning the language so I took it to heart and started studying again, Because idk I just got to a point where I could say what I wanted to say pretty easily and I was just kinda riding off my cocky attitude about how good I was at the language, then I took Uchtdorfs challenge and realized how much I actually don't know so now I'm studying like crazy Becasue I wanna speak gooooooooooooood Italian. So ya, lost all my confidence with the language and now I'm studying super hard so I can get to where I thought I was.
Ya I've been on a super crappy train for like 5 hours so if I don't sound very enthusiastic in this email that's why haha. Welllll, me and my comp are just chillin. We are talking to slot of people and we are just sendin out copies of the book of Mormon. Haha I always have a Spanish book of Mormon on me because whenever I see a South American I just walk up to them. I ask them where they are from, ask them if they speak Spanish, when they say yes I say, "Wow look! I have this book on Spanish!" They say, "Wow!" Then they take it, we teach them about it and they of course accept everything(freaking south American missionary's!!!, it's not fair! ) haha it's really fun!
Well I just read this thing about the mission President from the Rome mission and he tells his story about being set apart by President Nelson and in the prayer President Nelson said, "Engrave on the marrow of their bones a testimony of The Savior Jesus Christ and His Atonement"(referring to the missionaries). That's a pretty intense way to put but I like it. As missionaries we are constantly trying to help others come unto Christ, and we can teach with such power we are also doing the same journey. Let us truly try to engrave His name into the very marrow of our bone. Well that's pretty easy to say but how the heck do we do it? Idk! Our relationship with The Christ is personal and the only people that can really now if we have take upon His name is us, Him and God. 
There is an awesome quote from somewhere that says, "God can't change what he doesn't have. So give Him your heart". Idk, at least for me I've really experienced true joy living a Christ centered life. Am I still tired, yes. It is still hard, oh ya. Do I regret it, heck no. Haha like Isaid, living the gospel. 
Anyway, thank you for all of your prayers!! 


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