March 13, 2019

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Reece Bawden


Alright so I was transferred if any of you didn't know and now I'm in this super dope beach town  called Ancona! It's sooooooo awesome and the Branch is so great! The apartment is huge and super nice so that's fun and my new comp is such a babe! God freaking loves me! 
Anyway last Sunday was the Rome temple dedication! We watched it on TV in Rimini and it was way cool. So awesome! But after the dedication was the part I liked the most. So our branch President gave us a ride home and on the way home, he just kinda pulled into a McDonald's, and I wasn't about tell him no it's Sunday, so we just went in and had some good old McDonalds!! Haha! But while we were eating, with his wife and daughter and they are all Philipino so they are just so sick, I just got super freaking happy. And for some reason that moment I was really really reminded of my family. It was really weird like I just felt like I was with my family or at least I had been in the exact same situation before like dejavu(If that's how you spell it). I just felt like my entire childhood and teenage years and just my entire life before the mission was in that one moment at that McDonalds on a Sunday haha. So I just said at the table,(in Italian) "I don't know why, but this really reminds me about my family right now". The branch President looked at me and said, "Elder, it's because you're happy". 
That freaking hit me like a train. I suddenly starting reflecting over my entire life. And I realized that even when I didn't want it, or I put other things first, everytime I was with my family I felt this light. This love and this happiness that comes from the family. I feel so hypocritical saying this but please just cherish your families.


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