February 13, 2019

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Reece Bawden

Normal week in the life of an Anziano

Well, nothing special this week. I hit my 6 month mark! Which went by crazy fast!!! I met a girl that looks exactly like Lady Gaga and gave her a book of Mormon so that was cool. Today we went to Bellagio again so that was super fun. 
This week has been super slow so not alot of stuff to talk about. I guess just try to remember the importance of the little things. They go a long way. Like we often think about loving someone or serving someone needs to be this gigantic thinf. But in reality it's the small and little things that make people feel loved. Like cleaning the dishes for someone, helping them with their bags, just coming over to visit for a little bit. It's really simple but it's a way for us to have the pure light in our hearts, guiding us. Show love to those you love. Also, remember always to live life with your heart turned towards gratitude. President Monson said, "To live a life, with gratitude forever in our hearts, is to touch heaven". Just love people. Be led by the spirit. Let God express his love for his children through you. I don't have alot of time to write this, but if I could only communicate one principle, it would be to love those around you. Love, is a verb. And pure joy, or in other words gratitude, is a choice. So please, love as he loved.
- Anziano Bawden


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