February 6, 2019




Anziano Grant Casper

Dang I'm tired

Ohhhhhh man I am feeling it haha. This entire last week our work has been so slow so we have been doing like 5, 6, 7 hours of finding everyday!! Just house to house, building to building, street to street. The grunge work! Feels good though. Oh and yesterday we had this appointment with a less active(because less actives are just as important as investigators or in my opinion more important because they have already made the covenant) and she lives 25 Kilometers away. And if you guys don't know, we are on bikes now! But ya, yesterday we did 50 kms and I know that doesn't seem a lot for all of you professional cyclers in my ward but if you could see the hunk of junks we call bikes, you would have mad respect that we made it 50 Ks. Haha but it was actually pretty fun! Well it was worth it because this less active started to cry as she expressed how sometimes the missionaries come but other times they forget about her and she has been needing some spiritual help lately and God knows her so well that he had us call at the perfect time! Cool experience!
Let's see anything interesting... Oh well my 6 months mark is this Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh finally haha those 6 months flew by soooooo fast but I also feel like I have been here forever! It just got a little slow because well I'm in the same little area of Merate for my entire mission haha. My companion is younger than me in the mission and he is on his second city now and I'm still on my first! Anyway I love this place. I freaking love the ward here they are dope and soooooo much fun and there are so many kids and holy crap Italian kids are the cutest things on earth! Like they speak Italian with a very over exaggerated accent and it's so cute! Every Sunday is like a circus watching these crazy and there moms going crazy trying to keep control of them hahaha. Reminds me of when I was kid(haha sorry momma) man. I just love it out here. Just randomly I'll just get so happy and it's just pure joy that is almost to sweet to handle! Like I am working my butt off but, I'm doing it for someone else and that's what keeps me going. Thank you everyone for sending me birthday stuff even though my birthday is in like a week and a half haha but thanks!! Ya I don't know why I'm happy or how I keep doing it. Like I'll look back on what I've done and I'm like, "how the heck did I do that, and why was a happy or positive during it??" idk I just know the Lord is pushing along with me. When I'm too weak He picks up my slack and keeps me moving forward. Dang I love that guy.
I have really been learning to love the book of Mormon lately. A quote from President Holland says, " It was on my mission, that I came to love the Lord Jesus Christ through the agency of The Book of Mormon. It was in that text, that I found the majesty of The Son of God for my life and for my future". So why do we read The Book of Mormon? I'll tell ya one thing, it sure isn't to mark off a check list, or meet a goal, or say you've done it, or because bishop says I need to before the mission, or we need to for seminary or any other reason(all which are good and we should do these things) but what I am saying is we read The Book of Mormon so that we can come to know The Lord Christ Jesus for ourselves, and except him as the only way to everlasting happiness, and enduring joy. Everyone's relationship with the Savior is different. We need to find out who he is for us. We do that by reading The Book of Mormon and searching for his majesty. I put my name along with the other witnesses that The Book of Mormon is true. I know it. I know God knows it, and I can not deny it.
Man, what a wonderful life. 
-Anziano Bawden


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