November 28, 2018




Anziano Tawson Abplanalp

Just another Week in the grind

Well, just another regular week! Just a lot of finding!! These last couple of weeks have been slow. But we are still working hard so hopefully things start looking up! We did a SCAMBIO where we switch companions for like a day with the zone leaders and they are way cool so it was super fun!! Oh! And hahaha we were doing service the other week and this guy gave us this mini Foosball table and we put it in our apartment and it is so fun!! I mean we only play it after we get home and before we go to sleep but dang it's fun! I did a lot of things to prepare for this mission. But I forgot that to survive on a mission you gotta be good at Basketball, soccer and Foosball! 
So I have started this thing where every week I focus on applying an attribute of Christ. I just started last week the first of the 9 attributes listed in PMG which was faith and now this week I'm working on hope. PMG says that hope is an assurance and confidence that all things will work together for your good. It also says that hope is made manifest through confidence, enthusiasm, optimism and patient perseverance. I have really needed that this last week. The works been slow. Me and my companion weren't getting along, and I was missing that "greenie fire" that people call it. But I do have hope for a brighter future. And also that even if nothing happens. I can still be happy and work hard! Well now me and my comp are getting along really well so that's already one thing! 
Last week in priesthood we watched this video and in the video it said, "when we have a problem of the body we look in at ourselves in order to fix it. But when we have a problem of the soul. We must look outwards to others, in order to fix the problem". I can give a strong testimony that that is true. If there is one thing I've learned on my mission, it is live like the Savior. Love like the Savior. Care like the Savior. Over these last three months I have truly gained a testimony. My faith has been put to the line countless times. There have been some horrible days where I have a doubt in my testimony. I feel off and I don't know what to do about. I work through those times with a strong hope and faith that I can work through them and come out stronger on the other side. The adversary wants me. But there is no way, I'm gonna let him get me. I have learned so much about my Savior, and his perfect gospel. The adversary may be out to get me, but man, they gotta fight comin to them! I'm gonna keep fighting on this mission and keep growing closer to my Savior. When I forget about myself I find myself! I just love this gospel!!I LOVE MY FAMILY! And the mission is flipping sick! I mean I'm in Italy!!!! What's there not to like. I kind of made it sound intense but in reality it's not. Just slowly improving. Alright ciao ciao!


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