November 21, 2018




Anziano Tawson Abplanalp

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hey everybody!!! Happy Thanksgiving!! Unfortunately Italians don't celebrate thanksgiving(obviously) so nothing really special for tomorrow! Haha man the mission Haha is so great!! Except it's cold. Like really flippin cold like no one told me Italy would be so cold like I'm just an Arizona kid that thinks 60 is cold. I'm dying. But other than the that, everything is great! 
Ok so there are like sooooooo many Nigerians or just Africans here it's crazy. Like I have eaten the craziest crap. The Africans are usually the only people that listen to us so we get to know the culture a lot and dang, it's nasty. Like I am literally serving an African mission in Italy haha!! Like we are this weird rice stuff with like a chicken leg in it. So I ate the chicken leg to the bone, and this African said, "eat bone, make bone strong". Like no joke that's how they say it haha. And I have African food, but my comp claims he loves it so he makes fun of me for hating it. So just to prove to him I can handle more than he can, I looked straight at him, stuck one end of the bone in my mouth, cracked the bone in half, chewed and swallowed. Haha now my bone strong!! But man I love the Nigerians they are so funny!!! 
Alright so today I wanna just simply talk about joy. I read in a conference talk that "love is the key to happiness". Whenever I am sad, or down in the dumps, just not having a good day. I just remember that and try to think of how much I love my family, I try to love my companion, I try to find love for others and it just fixes me right up!!! With thanks giving there are so many things you can be thankful for!!! So find those things, find love for others, and be happy!! I love all you guys and be happy!! Ciao ciao!


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