October 31, 2018




Anziano Tawson Abplanalp

The Grundge

Mamma mia santa maria, what a week!!! We have been seeing a whole ton of blessings lately!!! We fasted last week to find new investigators that wanna change and we have seen so many miracles!!! Fasting really works!!!! Anyway I wanna describe Monday. Ok so we has 2 appointments Monday night and both cancelled. So we decided we were gonna do some house to house or as we call it the grundge(just like any type of annoying basic missionary work). And it was starting to get pretty stormy and we were at this guitar shop before and the lights went off. So the storm was pretty bad but we were like, "well let's go finesse some Casa in the storm". So we start heading to this one area and the road was blocked off because a tree had fallen in the street. So we decided go go drop by this less active family. We went there one time before and it is super sketchy like super old crappy Italian houses in the forest, with like no lights and just sketchy. But we decide to go. We had to take like 5 different ways because soooooooooo many of the roads were flooded. And on the way we realize everything is black outside and that our whole are is in a black out haha. But we finally get there and they don't answer. So, for some strange reason, we decided to start doing house to house in this super sketch town in a hurricane hahahaha!! Everybody either didn't answer or did not want anything to do with us like usual hahah. But It was fun because we were like, " hi we are missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ, we are here in this weather for some reason we don't know, but, we are here bringing a shirt message of the family and Jesus Christ" hahahaha it was pretty fun!!!!!  Anyway I just gotta say I was freezing, in a hurricane with no jacket and only a beanie, I was starving exhausted mentally and physically, and you should've seen me. I was the happiest little 18 year old American you ever did see!! I had no idea!! The grudge!!! Anyway I guess the point of this is, joy is determined very little buy what is physically around you. Joy, well true fulfilling joy, comes by living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Especially when you are in the service for others!!!! There are a billion why I should be in a bad mood right now but for some reason, I am happy. I eat breathe sleep the gospel of Jesus Christ and man, it feels like a raging fire inside of me. Live it! Love it! Be it. I love all you guys and keep pushing forward!!!!


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