October 24, 2018


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MAMI es todo...

Ok I swear the weeks go by faster and faster!!! It is so awesome to hear from all of my friends that are leaving in their missions!!! It's crazy to think I've only been out for like 2 1/2 months because I feel like I have lived my whole life out here!! But at the same time it flew by in a blink!!! Oh man this mission thing is pretty great. It's comforting at times to know that my buddies are going through the same thing haha! Ok so this last week I went on a companion exchange to Lecco, which is just crazy beautiful, and there is a senior couple there, Anziano Russo and Sorella Russo and they are so flippin awesome!!! They are so funny and soooooòooooooo loving!!!!!!!! They like recharged me because Merate is just a pretty average city haha. Ok so yesterday we had a lesson with one our Simps called Ramsey. When we called him to see if we can still come over he said we could but he can't study because he was feeling a really strong stomach pain. So we went over and talked to him while he was laying on his bed. Now this guy is from Nigeria and there stories are like straight out of a horror film. And without going into detail, this guy has had it rough. While we were talking, I felt like I should just ask him if he wanted a blessing. I explained to him a blessing and asked if he wanted one and be said yes. Me and my companion didn't have oil because we are stupid but I'm sure it worked without it. I gave the blessing and I felt the spirit take over my words. After the blessing Ramsey was speechless. He couldn't really explain what he's was feeling or thinking, but I could see it in his eyes. He felt something he has never felt before for. The fire of the spirit penetrated his heart. I just hope he will continue his search about Jesus Christ church. Another spiritual experience I had is when I was at this house with this family. The wife seemed more open to the spirit than her husband because the husband really wanted nothing to do with it but he's a nice guy. So my companion was in the kitchen with the husband and I was in the living room with his wife and her son. Because the husband was gone(a little sneaky I know haha) i was able to teach her the plan of salvation, and I was able to tell her that she will be able to be with her son again after death. The spirit was strong and I felt prompted to ask her if she thinks God loves her. She responded by saying " I think he does but I just don't really feel it, but I think I felt it when my son was born" I told her that that God has an eternal love for her and she can feel whenever she wants. I then felt prompted to ask her go pray with me. Now this was a harder prompting to follow. The tv was on and I could hear my companion and her husband arguing in the kitchen and I don't know I just felt uncomfortable. And what if the husband walked in while we were praying! But, I went for it. I explained how we pray, we read Moroni 10: 4-5, and I even asked her to kneel with me and I told her to pray from her heart, and ask to feel Gods lovd. She grabbed her son and kneeled. She prayed, oh so sincerely. During her prayer I said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to let her feel the spirit. When she eneded, we slowly sat up back on the  couch, and I asked her what she felt. She said very good and calm and maybe loved I don't know this whole thing was in Italian. I told her that is the Holy Spirit. I started to tear up a little as she explained with the biggest smile on her face that she feels it in her chest. I told her to search for that feeling every time she prays. I cannot emphasize how important the spirit is. My Italian was awful!!!! But that didn't matter because I had the spirit. All of you keep searching for that feeling of love, peace and comfort. Ok love all you guys!!!!!!!


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