October 17, 2018




Anziano Tawson Abplanalp

Just little things

Ok so I don't have a lot of time to write today but here we go. This last week went by so fast but I feel like I have learned so much. Ok so long story short we had an investigator with a bap date. She was super golden. Until she went crazy, like actually insane, starting inappropriately flirting with everyone, then returned back down to planet earth and is now just empathetic about the church and doesn't wanna be baptized. So anyway, this experience was really good for me though. We had 3 lessons with her this last week and 2/3 were just filled with like, well the opposite of the spirit basically. I remember sitting in these lessons, listening to this lady rant about nothing, and just doing everything I could to invite the spirit but it was just not working. The third time, she was normal. We read a scripture, boar testimony and talked and she left. Honestly quite possibly the most spiritual lesson I have ever been in. Even though the result was us dropping her. In this third lesson, one of the other missionaries there, boar his testimony about Christ. The spirit was so strong. But even with this immense spiritual experience she didn't open her heart to it. I learned then and there, that a testimony of Jesus Christ is just an amazing, beautiful and powerful tool. I can't not express my testimony of him in Italian or even in English because there are no words, for how much I love him. And there are no words, to describe how much he loves us. He is the ultimate example. The Prince of Peace. He is the only way to true Joy. Because of him, or weaknesses turn into strengths and our trials turn into growth. I plead to all of you, to get to know your Savoir, your redeemer, your crutch, your rod, your rock, the only person that truly loves you, the only one who has truly felt what you are feeling, the only one that can help you overcame a crashing waves of adversity, the one that knows your by name and because of his love for you died for you, a shepherd that will find every lost sheep that deals with addiction, death, depression, anxiety, heartache, physical pains, and every single bit of pain you have or will ever feel, the Son of God that can turn your darkest times, into the warmest love. Jesus Christ. In him there is peace, comfort, love. Live his church. His church is not and instruction manual we follow or a separate thing we know to be true. His gospel is something we live. Ha ha so I'm just loving it here! Working hard and seeing the Lords hand in my life!!! Vi amo tanto! Specificamente io amo la Mia Momma!!!!!!!! Amo mamma Mia!


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