October 3, 2018




Anziano Tawson Abplanalp

Ma dai

Heyyyyyyyy so I guess my email last week didn't go through hahaha. But I'll make sure this one goes through! Ok so my first area is Merate which is like a small town outside of Milano. It is so beautiful and the ward here is very strong!!! So I have been out in the field for about two weeks now and I love it soòooo much!!! The mission life is actually pretty fun hahaha all you do is study some spiritual stuff get like super pumped with the spirit, go try to talk to people on the street or at their houses, get rejected by 99.9999999999% of people and then go teach lessons to members or investigators and then come home and go to sleep. It honestly is such a beautiful life. I can't explain it but for some reason there is some satisfaction of being rejected by people haha I mean I want them to listen, but most of the time they don't, but it just feels good because I know I am doing missionary work, I have a good purpose and if people are gonna reject me, I'm still gonna get the blessings!!!! But you know it's all worth when that 00.000001 person comes through and we can watch their lives change! Oh man I just love being a missionary. Serving a mission gives people an opportunity to learn how to not be selfish, to genuinely care for other people more than you care about yourself. It's tough but I'm learning! Ok I never thought I would ever say that I miss the MTC but for some reason I do!!! I made a lot of long lasting friendships and met some truly amazing people that have had a beautiful effect on my life. When I got to the mission field, in my area there was a lady named Irma that already had a baptismal date. Over that last two weeks I have had the blessing to teach Irma and help her come closer to Christ and watch the beauties and miracles of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ effect her life. She has diffidently had a hard life. In her words, "I could write a book", about the amount of hardships she has faced in her life. But I have seen how Jesus Christ truly is the ultimate comforter, because even though Irma's husband left for another women, even though she has no family here, even though she has  barely any money and even though her dirt bag of a husband is trying to take her house and make her homeless, she is at peace. This is because, she is allowing the everlasting love and comfort of the atonement of Jesus Christ rap her up like a blanket. This reminds me of D&C: 122. Read it you'll see how powerful and strengthening that scripture can be. It is a beautiful gift to have this gospel. Don't take it for granted. 
Now something I didn't know about this mission is how many Africans live here! I mean sooooooo many people from Nigeria have come to Italy and I just trying to survive. They all have crazy stories!! I LOVE THEM WITH ALL OF MY HEART. They are just such kind, loving and down to earth people! They are seriously the best and the except the gospel sooooooo well. They are all so genuine and kind. It's nice to meet with them because after a long day of being ignored by mean Italians, it's nice go feel genuinely like by someone!!! Oh and don't even get me started about the South Americans. For all of you that are serving in South America, you are one lucky sons of guns. I met with a less active lady named Maria in my ward that is from Dominican Republic and holy crap, I HAVE NEVER FELT MORE LOVE IN MY MISSION. She is so down to earth, soooooooooo loving, just an amazing conversion story and wooowowowoowow just one of the most loving people I have ever met. It was nice to meet with her and just get overwhelmed with the spirit and love she has for us. But, I wouldn't change my mission for the world. This is where I am meant to be. I love my mission with all of my heart. If you are having a bad day, STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF, just serve other people and all your problems will be resolved soooooooo easily. I have seen this a million times over and over and I testify that it works. I love all you guys and hope everything is going good!!!!


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