September 14, 2018


MTC, Provo, Utah


Anziano Erick Mosteller

Next Week Italy!!!

NEXT WEEK ILL BE IN ITALY!!!! I have loved my time in the MTC butttttt IM SO EXCITED TO LEAVE SPIRIT PRISON AND GO TO FLIPPIN ITALY!!!!! I just love this church. It brings me so much peace when i should probably be freaking out haha. I have just learned so much these past 6 weeks not just Italian but possibly even more about The Church of Jesus Christ. Im just so excited to go to Italy and try to bare my testimony in my horrible Italian haha but hopefully The Spirit will touch their heart!! I dont really know what to talk about but i guess ill just talk about how true and everlasting the saviors atonement is. I learned in this last week that the saviors atonement doesnt just take away our trials. Jesus Christ pained the price for our sins and has felt all the burdens and trials we have in our lives but that doesnt mean he just takes away our trials. Our trials make us stronger, they are a gift that we can learn from and then share with others to help others come unto Christ. During our trials, Christ is right there. It is pretty rare that a trial will just be taken away, but every time the Savior is there to be a loving comforter and help you keep pushing forward. We need to look for him because he is always there. When people say, "Just be positive in ever situation", they have good intent but are just flat out wrong. If we were positive in every situation and were never sad there wouldnt be a need for the atonement. Take Joseph Smith for an example. Was Christ there when he was being beaten, locked in a cellar, ridiculed, spat on, tarred and feathered, and then watched his brother die? Absolutely. Was he smilling and saying everything is good and happy and joyful and had a "positive attitude" im not so sure. The point im trying to make is feel the everlasting peace and comfort of Christ. He will always be there. When youre in the toughest time in your life, accept that it sucks, accept Christs help and keep pushing forward with all your strength. Dont just expect everything to be ok and for you to just be happy when life sucks because in reality you shouldnt be. Use Christs atonement and rap yourselves in the everlasting love of our salvation, Jesus Christ. He will help you when times are tough and eventually you will feel that joy. Just dont give up because it doesnt happen immediately. When we are locked into Christs yoke, we can accomplish anything with faith in Christ.  I love all of you guys so much!! Nel nome de Gesu Christ Amen.


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