August 25, 2018


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To be honest the mtc is pretty boring and nothing cool ever really
happens haha! No big news or anything this week!! Haha I was pretty
dramatic and had some pretty cool experiences at the beginning but now
I just feel calm and at peace because I know why I am here and what I
am doing. I love learning Italian so much!!!! Everyday I get more
excited to get out to the field and just love and serve the people!!!
Every once and a while I’ll get a little stressed when I think about
how I am gonna teach the people in Italy because I know how amazing
and beautiful and essential baptism is but I just sometimes worry
about how in the heck I am gonna get people to that point. I mean
honestly I always thought teaching people and doing missionary work
would be easy for me but what I’ve been learning in that past couple
weeks is that ITS NOT. I just thought “ I’ve got the spirit, I know
it’s true, easy!” HAhaha but although I need those things you have to
be very careful and exact with what you say to simpatizzante
(investigators) so anyway I told my teachers this concern of mine and
she shared this experience she had when she was a missionary in Italy.
She said she met this Chinese lady named Ging Ging and she couldn’t
speak Italian and she’s could barely speak English. Ging Ging has
never heard of god or Jesus and really and very little to no knowledge
of any religion and didn’t really think there was anyone out there
that cared for her. My teacher kept meeting with her and it was very
hard because she could barely communicate with her! After a lot of
lessons they taught Ging Ging how to pray and they asked her to say
her first prayer. Ging Ging prayer went like this, “ hello God, I’m
Ging Ging, sorry I haven’t talked to you until now, amen” After her
prayer my teacher asked her what she felt. My teacher told me Ging
Gings answer with tears in her eyes, that she said “ I feel cared
for”. My teacher went on to tell me that those moments can honestly be
better and more meaningful than a baptism. To have somebody feel that
they are loved when there whole life they thought they weren’t is
HUGE. Ging Ging never got baptized but my teacher new she brought Ging
Ging closer to Christ and she was proud of what she was able to do for
Ging Ging. I may not be able to baptize everyone I meet with but I
will make that I invite all to come unto Christ. And I will do my best
to have them feel the everlasting love that is there for them. Jeffrey
R. Holland said “ the lord needs you for 24 months all day everyday,
not 22 months and 16 days not 23 months and 10 days, 24 MONTHS all day
everyday”. Well I will do my best to be the missionary Christ needs me
to be all day everyday. I will allow my mission to change because I
definitely don’t wanna return home the exact same as the day I left. I
know that Christ gospel is true and I would work my butt off until I
physically could no longer move for it. I love Jesus Christ and this
is the church. Nel nome di Gesù Cristo amen. I love getting all your
emails and I miss all of you so much. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


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