August 17, 2018


MTC, Provo, Utah


Anziano Erick Mosteller

Friend Letter #2

Wow this week has gone by crazy fast!! The days go by fast and the
weeks even faster!! The days kind of just mush together haha! Everyday
it’s just wake up get breakfast, 30 minutes BofM study, 2 hours of
language study, lunch, excessive time, 3 hour language class, dinner,
30 minute bofm study, 3 hour language class and then sleep. It’s nice
to have a routine though. Every in my district is cool except out
district leader. He’s like just the kind of person that no one would
like but it has brought our district closer because we all don’t like
him!!!! Hahaha but he’s alright just annoying. I’d just like to say I
love this church so much. I know Jesus died for me and for all of you
and he has felt the pain of our sins!! This last Sunday I had a very
weird experience. At around three I started heaving these weird
thoughts as if I was having a conversation in my head about my faith.
For some reason I started to doubt my faith specifically about Jesus
Christ. It was weird because I kept so “ No I know these things are
true” and it was almost like a distinct voice trying to convince that
I actually don’t. I have never doubted my faith before and this was
really weird for me. I started to have self doubt and I didn’t know
what to do because my whole life I had never questioned my faith
before!!! That night we watched a talk that Elder Bednar gave at the
mtc on Christmas sometime that you can actually watch here at the mtc.
He talked about how truly important it is to be converted unto the
lord and that just having a testimony isn’t enough and the adversary
will get to you and you will fall. At this moment I realized that I DO
HAVE A TESTIMONY of everything In this church and that the adversary
was just trying to trick me. I decided then and there that I was going
to convert my self to the lord and look outward when I should feel
like looking inward to myself. I can say with an absolute no doubt
that this gospel is true. Io so che Gesu Cristo ha sentito il dolore
do I nostri peccati. Nel nome di Gesu Cristo Amen. Hope you guys like
the pics!! My district leader is the one that is as tall as me with
glasses. The video is a door approach practice with some Anziani that
are really struggling with the language😂😂😂 they said “ the Book of
Mormon?” “ why not?” Hahaha the dot got shut on them hahaha!!! I love
all of you guys!!! Talk to you next week!!!


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