August 29, 2017


Johannesburg South Africa


Elder Boshoff


Man I love it here! I have already had more spiritual experiences in the mtc than I think I have had in my life. All day everyday we get spiritually fed. The other missionaries here are awesome. We all got new companions last Saturday so now I am with Elder Williams. He is awesome. He is going to the same mission as well so there is a possibility that we could be companions someday. He has been my district leader and we were already super close and now we have grown even closer. Our whole district is very close. We have a lot of fun messing around and doing typical boy things but we are also learning a lot about the gospel.

Last Wednesday we got to leave the mtc and go to the Soweto area and go on splits with some of the Joeburg missionaries. That has honestly been the highlight of my mission so far. It was just so nice to get out of the mtc and teach some real people. I was shocked how willing people in South Africa are to hear about the gospel. I got to pair up with Elder Brown who is from the mtc and Fleck who is serving in the area and only has 6 weeks left on his mission. They are both awesome missionaries. We got to teach a man named Michael who is probably in his 70's who lives at home with his wife. Michael is what I would call a golden investigator because he already believes in God and reads his Bible everyday, the only question he has about life is what happens after we die. He said he knows that our flesh will just get buried in the ground but he knows that our spirits live on, he just doesn't know where they go. When he said that I got so excited because I could finally teach a real person and I just wanted to shout, "We have the answer!", but Elder Fleck decided that we should set up another time to come and teach him about the gospel sense we are just on splits today and we didn't have much time. So I left him with a pamphlet about the plan of salvation and challenged him to read and pray about it. Then I bore my testimony of it's truthfulness and we left. We get to go back out to Soweto tomorrow so I am definitely requesting to go with Elder Fleck and Elder Brown again so that we can go and visit Michael again.

Thursday we get to go and walk around the temple and have a picnic and take pictures sense we won't get to go inside due to temple renovation so that will also be a nice break from the mtc. It is really nice here though. The grass is all yellow sense we are just coming out of winter but the weather is so nice. We actually have to wear sweaters in the morning but its nice outside in the afternoon so we can have fun playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, or Frisbee.

Oh by the way next Tuesday we will be leaving the mtc and heading to our missions so this is most likely the last email for two weeks sadly... But I am super excited to get to Zambia.

The church is true!!

PS. Family send this on because I don't have time to respond to everyone. I want to say so much more but I promise I will respond when I actually get to the mission.

Love from Africa!!


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