August 29, 2017


Johannesburg South Africa


Elder Boshoff

1st Week In MTC

Wow where do I even begin?!
I love it down here! We got here Wednesday night and it has been a blast even sense I got here. The first night I was here I got to room with elder Jeweks who I met at the salt lake airport, and elder Roman who is from Tanzania. They are both awesome missionaries. I have loved getting to meet all of the other elders and we actually have two sister at the mtc that will be going to the Madagascar mission. There are four other elders besides me that I will be traveling with when we head to Zambia. Two of them are actually in my district, elder Williams is my district leader and his companion elder Elison. Funny thing is that I know elder Elison from playing soccer growing up. He played for the Rangers team so that was cool we got to make that connection. Another missionary going to Zambia with me is elder Stein and he played for the Joga team so soccer helped me make a lot of connections. We all get along super well. Oh and of course elder Hansen from nibley is here as well. I have loved my district because we all get along very well and we have a lot of fun laughing about who knows what but we also have helped each other a lot when it comes to preparing lessons. My official companion now is elder Boshoff from Perth Australia. He is a convert of only 17 months which is very inspiring to me. He had to go through a lot to get here but his testimony of the plan of salvation is so amazing. His accent is very heavy and can be quite hard to understand but we have jelled a lot already. I had to get used to hearing "oy mate" and "howitgoinman" a lot but it is awesome to have him as a companion. We teach so well together. We both have learned to teach from the heart and be confident is sharing what we know because we have had a lot of practice but our lessons flow so well. I would love to have him come to Zambia with me because I think we would be a great duo but he will be staying here in the Johannesburg mission after we leave the mtc. Ah there are just so many cool experiences that I want to share already and I haven't even made into the field yet. We have been teaching fake investigators morning and night and that has been so helpful but I can't wait to start teaching real investigators. In fact tomorrow we get to leave the mtc grounds for the first time to go on splits with the missionaries already out in the field which makes me a tad bit nervous but I am super excited as well.

The mtc is very safe so hopefully you're not worried about that mom. We have a big fence all the way around it and security guards on duty 24/7. Inside the fence we have not only the mtc but a church building and the Johannesburg mission home. I guess the church was able to save money on the property and building the fence but just putting them all together. The air smells like smoke down here but I have gotten used to it. The food here is actually way good. We do get to have some authentic food about once a day and that has been nice. We get one hour a day to go outside and play sports and that is so much fun with all of the other elders. Soccer was a lot of fun! Elder Ntaka is from south africa and is way good! All of my district has started playing volleyball together and that has been way fun because we have some talented players. The mtc president Ashton said that we can keep score because he is a competitive person as well and he says not keeping score is like kissing your sister so he lets us. Hahaha

I will have to respond to every one else another day when I have more time. We have to keep it short today because we are getting more shots but I will definitely be writing more later.

Much love from Africa!! The church is true!!
Elder Robins


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