August 13, 2018


Lusaka, Zambia - Matero Ward


Elder Harmon

Week 13 in Matero Lusaka! Elder Lusk Goes Home, & 7 New Elders came.

Hey fam!

This week was transfers so it was busy busy busy! On Tuesday this week we dropped off Elder Lusk at the mission office and took some pictures before he headed for home. I am not going to lie it felt different after he left. We miss him already but hope he is enjoying the beach and reuniting with everyone he knows.

This week we tried to teach as much as possible with the limited amount of time available to us. Also with the absence of the other Matero Elders, me and Elder Harmon are now the only two missionaries serving in the Matero Ward. This area was already the biggest area I have served in on my mission so far, and now it just doubled. Our area just got huge! For perspective, if we wanted to walk from one end of our area to the other, it would probably take us 4-5 hours. Also to add on to that, Wednesday of this week we received word that the trucks will now officially only be used for administrative business. (No proselyting) So now we are having to focus on how we can work smarter, not harder.

Thursday and Friday of this week we had meetings at the office and helped move missionaries around Lusaka. We received 7 new missionaries so there was a lot of movement. We have also took some Elders to the hospital for various reasons.

On Sunday we were blessed to be apart of a confirmation for Mary during sacrament meeting. She bore a powerful testimony right after her confirmation as well. After church we also were able to baptize Katherine, Queen, and Chipo. These three girls are part of the Banda family. The baptismal service was great. Queen even decided to jump right in the water and baptize herself hahaha. So actually when she was getting in the water she tripped and fell, completely submersing herself, and then she was baptized after catching her breath. It was a pretty funny sight to see. Along with the confirmation and baptisms, we also had 10 investigators at church which was awesome!

All in all it was another great week! Until next week. Sending love from the Great Zambia Lusaka Mission!


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