July 23, 2018


Lusaka, Zambia - Matero Ward


Elder Harmon

Week 10 Matero Ward -- Lusaka, Zambia -- 16 People on Date for Baptism.....Alice Zulu baptized by her husband and Joseph Muluwanda baptized by Gabriel who is preparing to go serve a mission. Joseph w

Hey fam!

This week was another amazing one! This week we continued teaching all of the part-member families that we met last week and giving them dates for baptism. In total we now have 16 people on date for baptism which is definitely a personal record for me and my companion! The standard of excellence for the Zambia Lusaka Mission is to have 5 people on date for baptism at all times. Well this week we were able to 3x the standard of excellence so we are feeling really good right now!

Ahhh this past few weeks it has been soooooo cold in Lusaka! This week we got a heater from the Mission Office and it has been so nice. We can now sleep comfortably again. This week we also roasted some peeps by our heater before bed haha! ​​​​​​

On Friday of this week we had exchanges with our District Leader so I got to work with Elder Rich in our area. It turned out to be a great exchange for both companionships. Elder Rich was able to interview two of our investigators for baptism and my companion Elder Harmon was able to interview one of their investigators as well. We were able to fill all of our time either teaching lessons or interviewing people for baptism. Both of our investigator Alice Zulu, and Joseph Muluwanda, passed their interviews with flying colors.

Alice was baptized on Saturday by her husband Sylvester and then confirmed on Sunday during Sacrament meeting. It was cool to see the newly weds become more united as a family through this whole experience. (They were just recently married in February)

Joseph Muluwanda was baptized on Sunday right after church. His mother Martha, sister Martha, and brother Amos, all came to church as well for their first time to support Joseph on his big day. The cool thing is that his family members are our new investigators and we plan to eventually have them all get baptized by Joseph. He will be a great help as well begin teaching the rest of his family members. Joseph is such a powerful individual. I definitely have a testimony that the Lord does prepare his children to receive the gospel. I have never met someone as prepared as Joseph was to learn about the gospel and receive the ordinance of baptism. He will be a great strength to the ward. He was also baptized by a member named Gabriel Chola who we took with us to teach him. Gabriel was very grateful for the opportunity to baptize someone for his first time. He is preparing to go on a mission himself next year.

Well all in all it was another great week in the mission. Amazing things are happening here in Matero. I love just being here to witness and be apart of it all. Until next week. Sending love from Zambia!!

Lots of pics this week: Baptisms of Alice Zulu and Joseph Muluwanda, roasting peeps for fun and taco night with my taco seasonings. Thanks mom!


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