July 16, 2018


Lusaka, Zambia - Matero Ward


Elder Harmon

Week 9 Matero Ward -- Lusaka, Zambia BOM does help with the Word of Wisdom

Hey fam!

Well I hope that everyone had as good of a week as me and my comp did haha. This week we had a lot of really good opportunities for teaching just pop up out of nowhere. This week we found a lot more part-member families to teach... and baptize hopefully! This week we decided to go and visit a few less actives and when we went there we found that some of their family members that have been coming to church for a while now just haven't been taught and baptized yet. It truly was a miracle this week because now we have 11 people that fit into this category. It was perfect timing too because our teaching pool was very getting very small but now it is big again so we should be able to spend a lot of time teaching this week. Other than that, this week we plan to have two baptisms if all goes well. As for right now we have 9 people on date for baptism but I hope to see many more baptisms in this area before I get transferred.

I don't really know what else to write about haha but me and my companion are getting used to the area and everything is going pretty well.

Well actually this week we had a really cool teaching experience. One of our really powerful investigators struggles with the word of wisdom a little bit. So in order to help our investigator get passed this problem we challenged our investigator to read from the Book of Mormon every time he felt the urge to smoke. We gave him some time to see how this would turn out and it actually really helped our investigator. We also filled out the baptismal record with our investigator ahead of time and left it with our investigator to look at often. Turns out that our investigator is back on track for baptism very soon. His desire to be baptized and become a member of the church overpowered the urge to smoke. Miracles do happen. It was a cool experience for me to see how the Book of Mormon was able to give someone strength to change their life and overcome an addiction. I know that their is power in the Book of Mormon and that it truly is more scripture that testifies of Christ.

Until next week. Sending love from Zambia!!

Pics: Scenery, biscuits and gravy, sunset, my fat lips after losing a challenge hahaha


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