July 2, 2018


Lusaka, Zambia - Matero Ward


Elder Olsen

Week 7 in Matero, Lusaka. Service Project....Helping Hands. Elder Olsen goes home to Hurricane Utah and Elder Harmon is my new companion from Oregon.

Hey fam!! Hope everything is well back home.

This week seemed very fast in the beginning and then it slowed waaaayyy down haha. I don't even really know why but it did. Anyway this week was transfers so there was a lot of changes that happened as usual. This week I dropped off my companion Elder Olsen at the mission office with all of his luggage and was able to give him a hug goodbye before he traveled to the airport to get on his plane heading for home. The lucky bugger got to stop in Paris on his way home too! Haha I will definitely miss him and so will the mission!

This week I was temporarily companions with Elder Okonkwo for about three days while we both waited for transfer news so we could receive our new companions. Elder Okonkwo is a new missionary from Nigeria who has only been on mission for 6 weeks, so he felt pretty lucky being able to ride in the truck for a few days haha. We were able to teach a lot of his investigators and we had a pretty good time. Also on Friday of this week I received my new companion who is now Elder Harmon. He is a really cool guy. He is from Central Oregon and has been on mission for 21 months now. Haha I have had two old companions in a row now. Elder Harmon is a really good missionary. He really knows the scriptures which makes him a amazing teacher. There is really only one problem with our companionship..... he is a giant compared to me hahaha. He gets called John Cena a lot by little kids haha.

On Saturday we were able to do some service near the chapel so we were able to wear the Mormon Helping Hands vests. It was a good experience to be able to serve with some of the members of our ward and get some recognition from the community. We actually made some new investigators when people on the street came up to us to ask us what we were doing. It was a pretty good experience.

This week we were able to hold a confirmation at church for one of our investigators that was baptized the previous week. Joseph Phiri is now the newest member of the Matero Ward.

All in all it was another busy week here in the Great Zambia Lusaka Mission!


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