May 21, 2018


Ndola, Zambia


Elder Baptista

Transfer #2 to LUSAKA in the Matero Ward. Called as Zone Leader!

No letter for May 14th because of Mother's Day Video Call on Sunday May 13th. ​

Hey everyone! As you can tell by the heading, I got transfered to Lusaka! This came as a pretty big surprise to me. I was expecting my companion to leave and I would stay in Masala and recieve a new companion but that didn't happen. Well anyway my previous companion Elder Baptista got transfered as well. He was transfered to Lilongwe, Malawi. I am not going to lie I am kinda jealous he got to go the Malawi but I am very happy for him. I hope to meet up with there someday. Also Elder Gregrey from my previous District got transfered to Kitwe to serve in the Kawama Branch. He will do great there despite the recent attacks. He is a giant compared to the general Zambian people and so is his companion so no one will give them problems. Also my previous Zone Leader Elder Chauke got transfer to Blantyre, Malawi. So as you can see this transfer was a came with a lot of moving around.

So yeah I am now in Lusaka serving in the Matero area and Ward. Yes I am actually in a place where the church is big enough to actually have a Ward now. It is pretty nice to be meeting in a small chapel. My new companion is Elder Olsen. He is from California/Hurricane Utah. The crazy part is that he is 23 months on mission... yeah that's right he goes home in 5 weeks! I get the wonderful opportunity to serve a new Zone Leader with him in Lusaka. Yep I am a Zone Leader now haha! It surprised me to recieve the call from President Kupu but I was honored to realize that he trusts me that much. Elder Olsen is now teaching me all of the duties of being a Zone Leader. Their is a lot to do, especially sense their are a lot more missionaries in Lusaka, but I am learning what it takes to serve as a Zone Leader now. The past couple of days I have really enjoyed getting to ride in the truck with Elder Olsen almost everywhere we go. I will have to freshen up on my skills when it comes to driving stickshift again sense it has been a little while haha because when Elder Olsen goes home I will have to take over as driver. I guess I will also have to learn how to drive on the left side of the road. It doesn't look that hard but we will see.

Well sense we recieved the call about transfers Wednesday night, me and Elder Baptista spent all of Friday saying our goodbyes to as many members and investigators as possible. I have to say that it was actually very hard for the both of us to say goodbye to everyone. Some people even shed some tears for us which made it harder for us to leave, but we managed to see a lot of people that day. I am going to miss Masala Branch but I am also ready to make new friends and get to work in the Matero Ward. We plan to work very hard to baptize as many as possible before Elder Olsen leaves. We could have 5 or more but we will see.

Well sorry about not sending an email last week. Because of Mother's Day I just called that good but I guess I could have sent a small email. My bad haha. Anyway I really enjoyed getting to see my family again to wish my Mom a Happy Mothers Day! I hope all the mothers in the world had a great day.

Well I will keep you updated on how this first week goes in Lusaka. We should have a Zone Activity on Thursday and our Zone Conference is next week. We are going to be busy busy! Until next week. Sending love from Africa!!

Elder Robins


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