May 7, 2018


Ndola, Zambia


Elder Baptista

Week 17 in Ndola -- Agness Chama Baptism

Hey everyone!

This week my email will be pretty short because I had a busy day today as you will be able to tell from the pictures. But this week was another busy one that's for sure.

So I will just stick to the highlights this week. Well on Tuesday we got to meet the two new Sisters in our District during our District meeting. We received Sister Garner who is from Burley, Idaho. She is already 16 months on mission so she has a lot of experience. She is well qualified to be an STL (Sister Training Leader). We also received Sister Monga who is from DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). She speaks French as well as English so she has been a blessing when it comes to teaching some of the investigators they have from DRC. She is already 10 months on mission so she was fortunate enough to have served in Malawi already. I hope to go their someday myself haha.

This week on Friday we had a baptismal interview from our investigator Agness Chama and she passed with flying colors. She is 49 years old but she is a very powerful recent convert. After our interview we went to town to interview the Sister baptismal candidate Mofya Chanda. He was well prepared to answer all the questions I asked him and he bore a wonderful testimony to me. He will be another powerful member on the Ndola Town Branch.

On Saturday we held the baptism for Agness Chama and it was a wonderful service. We suggested that our Branch President should baptize and confirm her and he did a wonderful job. Agness is fitting right in with all of the Relief Society members and even some of the youth. She will actually receive a calling as the 1st Counselor is the Relief Society Presidency this upcoming Sunday. She is an "older dog that can learn new tricks." She will be very powerful. We are so happy to have had the opportunity to be apart of her learning process.

Our other recent convert Beauty Mendlul received a calling this past Sunday as well. Ever sense we came into contact with her she has shown amazing commitment by never missing a Sunday service. I am sure she will do a great job in fulfilling her new calling.

Well that is about all I have time for this week. Have a great week! Sending love from Africa!!

Elder Robins

Pictures of the baptism for Agness Chama and we played basketball today with some random kids at the court and made some potential new investigators. I was able to surprise a lot of people today with some basketball skills. They were all surprised that Musugu's (white people) can actually play ball. It was a great day.


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