April 9, 2018


Ndola, Zambia


Elder Baptista

Week 13 in Ndola! 2 more Baptisms! Just Received Christmas Card and Letters from the Seminary at MC. Got to try "Bush Meat -- Impala".

Okay to start off this is going to be a short email this week because I have food poisoning and so it is hard for me to be away from the bathroom. (sorry if that puts a graphic image in your head haha)

Well for the most part we had another really great week.

We stayed pretty busy this week teaching lots of lessons. It was nice to teach the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ lessons a bit more than the message of the Restoration. They are really good lessons but it is always nice to see investigators progressing further in the gospel.

We were able to watch General Conference on Saturday and man I have got to say that was I think the most powerful Conference Sessions I have ever watched. That could be impart because now I am a missionary so it had additional meaning to me but it was soooooooo good! Watching General Conference as a missionary is like a bunch of American Football players watching the Superbowl! Haha. Even though me and my comp were only about to see the two Saturday Sessions we received a spiritual high from it. We also had 6 investigators come on Saturday to view conference with us and they all seemed to enjoy it.

So like I mentioned earlier we didn't make it to the Sunday Sessions of General Conference because I got food poisoning and it hit me pretty hard. Though I am slowly recovering my strength I just pray I will have enough energy to proselyte tomorrow.

Well that is about it for now. More to come next week. Pictures will have to say more than my letter. I received my packages from Aunt Tara and Uncle Tommy so that was awesome!! I also received a package full of letters from the Seminary students at Mountain Crest High School! It really helped to lift my spirit. The Lord has perfect timing for everything. ​

Elder Robins

Picture of Letters Sent from Mountain Crest Seminary
Christmas Letter just arrived from Rushtons
Picture of Sugar Cane
Picture of Bush Meat - Impala
Picture of Double Baptisms but too sick to explain details.


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