March 28, 2018


Ndola, Zambia


Elder Baptista

Ndola Week 11 -- Another "Golden" contact named "Beauty"

Hey everyone!!

So to start off... This week we were able to witness a lot of really neat things even though we had a shortened week due to Zone Conference on Monday and p-day on Tuesday.

We were able to connect with some more less active/inactive/lost members of the church. It never ceases to amaze me how many people here loss connection with the church and go and join other churches even after they know the truth about the restored gospel. Anyway there is a lot of work to do for us missionaries and the members of the Branches.

So on Thursday we received a "Golden" referral from our recent convert Peter Sakawa. He introduced us to his friend Beauty. She is awesome! She is only 17 years old (although her birthday is in a couple of weeks) but she has decided that she wants to join our church. She went to our church once in 2015 but then hasn't been back. Well Peter started talking to her about it and teaching her and now she wants to be baptized. She even walked to church on Sunday. When I say she walked to church it's a big deal because she lives in the farthest part of our area called Mushili Kansengo. It took her an hour and a half make it to church but she made it and enjoyed church. She even already has several fellow shippers so our work is being made easy. She should be baptized in three weeks.

Friday we had a good day. We were able to teach Kelvin about families and temples and that was a very good experience. I think he became even more committed to continue his progression as a member of the church. We also went to Luanshya again with the Zone Leaders to interview another one of their baptismal candidates. She passed with flying colors. I think she has a photographic memory because she gave perfect answers to the questions that come right out of the pamphlets haha.

Saturday we were able to start teaching a little girl in our Branch who was somehow forgotten about when she turned 8 because she is now 9 which means we get the opportunity to teach her. It is actually kinda hard to teach little kids sometimes haha. I have a new level of respect for nursery and primary teachers. Later in the day we were able to go and teach Shadrick and his little siblings as well. This is a part member family that we are teaching. Shadrick is 18, Lenard is 14, Doroth is 11, and Margret is 8. All of them aren't baptized yet even though the father and older siblings are. So we are excited with potential we have with them.

Sunday was good. We had three investigators at church, so not too much but its okay. After church we got to meet some of Beauty's family members, visit Peter Sakawa, Sister Dorris, and several investigators.

All in all it turned out to be a pretty good week. We just feel really blessed this week because countless times we have seen the Lord's hand interfering. I know that this is really his work that we are doing. I just get to be one of the many instruments in the Lords hand.
Until next week. Sending love from Africa!!

Pics: Late blossoming tree and some member help from Brother Mutale (1st Counselor in the Branch Presidency)

Ps: We are all getting excited from General Conference here!! I hope you are as well!


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