March 21, 2018


Ndola, Zambia


Elder Baptista

Week 10 in Ndola! Couldn't Email Last Week! 2 Baptisms!

Got an email on Tuesday morning last week at 3:30AM..............
Just wanted to let you know I am alive. I just couldn't email this past week. I will explain next week. I was given the opportunity to send a quick email today. Have a great week and we will talk more later!

Then I received notice yesterday from Sister Kupu the Mission President's Wife that informed us that they were having a Zone Conference on Monday so the missionaries would have P-day on Tuesday this week. So we had to wait until today to hear from Elder Robins.

​​​​​​​​​Tuesday March 20, 2018
Wow it has been a while!! I am back everyone so don't worry haha.

So first I will explain why I haven't been able to email the past two Mondays. So last week we had a Branch activity to celebrate the Holiday called Youth Day. We missionaries basically ran the whole thing and it took up the majority of our p-day so we didn't even get a chance to email. I emailed just a quick message the next day, Tuesday, because I had to scan and send in a baptismal record for Kelvin Kasonde. That's right I had the wonderful opportunity to baptise Kelvin Kasonde and Nkandu Chibesa on March 10th. It was an awesome experience being able to have my first double baptism! Kelvin was our investigator and Nkandu was the other Elders investigator. I got to interview Nkandu and he chose me to baptize him. I felt very honored to baptize both of them.

I also wasn't able to email yesterday on our usual p-day because we ended up having our Zone Conference all day so that is why I am emailing again on a Tuesday. Next week everything should be back to normal... at least I hope it will haha.

Anyway this week I will not give a day to day summary because it has been two weeks and I don't have time to write about everything that happened. So I will try to just write about all of the basics and give the highlights.

So of course our Branch double baptism was a highlight of two weeks ago! Both of our recent converts have added more strength to our little Branch, especially to the Priesthood. We have a lot of sisters in the Branch which is a good thing but we always need more Priesthood holders.

We also had an amazing Zone Conference yesterday where we learned a lot about our role as missionaries verses the role of the Holy Ghost. It was a really good learning experience. It help me realise that some of the small things make a big difference. Also with the Zone Conference I was able to go back to my hometown of Kitwe and see all of the missionaries there. It was a fun reunion! Haha we also got to ride to and from Zone Conference with President Kupu. I enjoyed that very much! We were able to ask any questions that we have which was especially helpful to me as a new District Leader. It was nice getting to know President Kupu so well! We actually spent a lot of time laughing and joking around. It was good to see that side of him! Haha

Well I will just leave it at that for now. Maybe next week I can include a little bit more. It is kinda hard to catch up on things haha. Until next week.
Sending love from Africa!!

Elder Robins

Pictures of the baptism and Branch activity. If you will notice Kelvin's wife Emily is pregnant so we have some potential with two future members of the church. Emily wants to start taking the lessons soon.


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