March 5, 2018


Ndola, Zambia


Elder Baptista

First Baptismal Interview as Masala District Leader

Hey everyone! How goes it?

This week was another very busy one for me full of different activities! To start, Monday Elder Gregrey joined my companionship for the day while we waited the revelation to come from President Kupu as to who would be traveling up here to be his new companion. We had a lot of fun in our trio! Hahaha

Tuesday I was able to conduct my first District meeting as District Leader and I feel like it went pretty well. The Zone Leaders told me I did a good job so I am happy about that haha. After district meeting the Zone Leaders went on exchanges with us for the rest of the day so that they could pick up the new Elder from the bus station with their truck because of his luggage. Anyway we had a really good day teaching lessons. The new Elder that came from Lusaka had a pretty eventful day himself haha! His first day in the Copperbelt he got lost because he stayed on the bus too long, so he ended up going all the way to Kitwe! When he arrived their he was very confused and lost but luckily a member from the Luanshya Branch saw him and took him to Luanshya which is the Zone Leaders area. So after waiting at the bus stop for 3 hours here in Ndola we realized he was lost and started making some calls to the AP's, President Kupu, Lusaka ZL's, Kitwe Elders, etc. Eventually the member from Luanshya called the ZL's and they were able to go and pick him up and bring him back to Masala. So the new Elder, Elder Lesu, was able to take a tour of the whole Copperbelt his first day. I thought it was kinda funny even though it was scary because my first day as District Leader the mission lost a missionary for about 14 hours haha. Anyway Elder Lesu is an old missionary (17 months) and he is from Tanzania so he speaks Swahili better than English haha so now two out of the three other missionaries in my flat are still learning English and the other one's English isn't very good either so it has been just one more thing to work through haha.

Wednesday we worked with Patrick again and he helped us out a lot. He has a strong testimony and he can relate to a lot of our investigators because he is a convert as well. Anyway we made a new investigator with a girl named Christine. She is Daniel's sister so that is how we met here. Anyway she had a lot of good questions about the gospel because she was preparing to be baptized into another church on Saturday, so she wanted to know as much as possible. Anyway long story short even after we taught about how Priesthood authority is required for baptism she was still baptized on Saturday so yeah... but she still agreed to meet with us so we will continue to teach her for a little while longer and see if she progresses or not.

Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Gregrey to his area Twapia. I decided to do exchanges even though he just barely got a new companion because we needed to do a baptismal interview for their investigator Constance Chanda. I was able to do the interview and she passed with flying colors. She was well taught and very prepared for the interview. She even bore her testimony to about how she believes everything the missionaries have been teaching her. It was a really good experience for me to perform my first baptismal interview.

Friday we made a new investigator because Kelvin invited a girl named Angela from the neighboring shop to join us for the lesson. We had a good lesson talking about faith and repentance. Both Angela and Kelvin enjoyed the lesson. Kelvin even helped to teach Angela about how he is repenting of his past transgressions and how he is giving up drinking tea. It was really cool to observe him teach her because he isn't even a member yet. Something that I have really seen here in Zambia and in fact Africa in general is that people are very open when it comes to talking about the gospel and religion. It makes this a very fun place to serve and do missionary work.

Saturday morning we had the baptism for Constance Chanda and it went very well. We actually had a lot of people there to support her as well. Even though it was only like 10-12 people it was the most support I have had at a baptism since I have been here. She was very happy to be baptized! Later in the day I had the opportunity to do my second baptismal interview. This time it was for the Sisters that serve in town. Their investigator Namonje Musenge was very prepared for the interview as well. She will be a very powerful member of the Ndola Branch. Her husband is also taking the lessons from the Sisters and their daughter Mwela is 7 years old turning 8 next month. She is the smartest 7 year old I have met. She talks as much and as fast as most 15 year old white girls back home haha. She also speaks three languages. Anyway Mwela gave the closing prayer before we all left and it was so good! She even thanked our Heavenly Father for the missionaries teaching her mommy and she asked our Heavenly Father to help her get baptized soon as well. It was a very tender and special experience.

Sunday we had another very good day. We had our fast and testimony meeting and it turned out very good. Peter Sakawa and Constance Chanda both bore their testimonies and they did a very good job. Both of them are our recent converts and they will really strengthen our small branch. We had four investigators at church. Benson showed up again but this time he brought his wife! We found out this week that he is actually married and his wife is way awesome! She is totally supporting his decision to be baptized. We have started teaching her as well so we are very excited to be teaching this awesome young couple. Jennifer and another random guy came to church as well. Both of them came with members so we plan to start teaching them as well.

In conclusion this week ended up being a very busy week that stretched me a lot. I have had to really step it up and try to be a good example to the rest of my District. Me and my companion set very high goals for this week so that we can lead by example and we plan to accomplish those goals. By the way our District consists of 5 Sister, and 6 Elders. However we are losing Sister Ndevu this Wednesday because she is going to Lilongwe, Malawi.

Well that's a wrap. Until next. Sending love from Africa to wherever you are!!

Elder Randy Robins


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