February 26, 2018


Ndola, Zambia


Elder Baptista

New Assignment -- District Leader for Masala District

Hey family!! I hope that you all had a good week!

This week turned out pretty good for me and my companion. We were able to teach a lot of very powerful lessons and we really taught for understanding. We are teaching very well together now. We are getting better at asking inspired questions that will make our investigators think and understand. It has been great!

Tuesday we were able to work with one of our members named Patrick Mulubwa and he was a big help. We took him to teach Juliet and he was able to explain to her in Bemba some things that she just wasn't quite understanding from us, so that was really good. After that we took him to help us teach Kelvin and we had an another amazing lesson with him after lunch. We finished the Plan of Salvation with him and he understood it very well. We used a teaching technique with him where he as he reads the pamphlet he replaces words like, "you, your, and ours" with words like, "me, my, and mine." This worked really good with him and helped him understand why and how the Plan of Salvation affects him personally. After that lesson we went and taught Creseniah, Memory, and Enet and had another really good lesson. Patrick came in big that day.

Wednesday we were able to make a powerful new investigator with a man named Enjeqwa Mubita. He is an older gentleman that approached us one day when we were getting lunch. He has a testimony already about how real apostasy is. He has called himself a Catholic for a long time but continues to research new churches in search of the truth. We taught him and now he is hooked on our message so we have some potential with him. We were also able to teach James again and had a really good lesson with him about the Restoration and he understood the lesson very well. James is now one of my good friends. He is very educated so it makes it fun to have lessons with him.

Thursday we were able to go and visit Peter Sakawa again to follow up on his baptism, confirmation, and ordination. We also had another yummy lunch. This time Nshima, fish, empwa (eggplant), and chiwawa (pumpkin leaves). He is doing really good and will continue to progress. We were also able to stop by and talk to Kelvin more about his baptismal date and we committed him to pray about when he needs to be baptized and he agreed to do so.

Friday morning I received a phone call from our Mission President and he called me to be the District Leader for the Masala District, so yeah now I have to step it up a notch! I am grateful for the opportunity to serving the other members of my District though. It is a really close District and we are all working very hard. I will have to do a lot of baptismal interviews in the next little while which is a really good sign. After that we had a good full day teaching lessons. We taught Enjeqwa again. This time he had questions about Adam and Eve so we taught him about that and it blew his mind. For some reason a lot of people here have questions about them and kinda blame them for their problems which I think is weird but I am glad that I can help people understand that we are punished for our own sins and not for Adams transgressions. We also met with Kelvin again and read two chapters of the Book of Mormon with him. He is loving what he reads and his desire to keep reading is amazing. I literally wish that all of my investigators were like him right now. We also taught Natasha about the Restoration again and had a good lesson with her. We ended the day with a lesson with Juliet. She had just gotten back from a funeral of her sister in law so we talked about the Plan of Salvation and had a good lesson with her.

Saturday we were able to regain contact and teach our older investigator Ronnie Phiri. He is so awesome! He totally understood the Restoration and realized that all of the other churches are wrong. He literally said, "So what you are saying by your explanation is that all of the churches came from nothing because they don't have authority?" We are very excited about him. He has such a good heart and he is in touch with the spirit.

Sunday we had 5 investigators at church. 3 came with members so that was awesome! Kelvin decided to close his shop so he could come to church. It was perfect too because in sacrament meeting our Branch President talked about sacrifice and Kelvin was nodding his head in agreement during the whole talk. It was perfect! The Lord definitely had a hand in that. We were also were able to teach Kelvin again after church. This time we taught the Law of Chastity and he agreed that this is a very important commandment to keep.

By the way the reason the previous District Leader, Elder Rowberry, was released is because he is currently flying back to Madagascar to finish the rest of his mission. He was an amazing example to me and really helped me out in my time of need. I look up to him for his leadership abilities and hope to be able to fill his shoes. He will be missed. Along with all of the missionaries that were serving here while they waited to go back to Madagascar.

Well that about wraps up this week so I will talk to you all more next week! Until then sending my love from Africa!! The church is true and missionary work is the best! Strive this week to be a missionary to someone you know.

More pictures with the neighborhood kids that love us! Haha

Love Elder Robins


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