February 13, 2018


Ndola, Zambia


Elder Baptista

Week 5 in Ndola was a Killer Week! 8 New Investigators, 7 people attended Church and 5 on date for baptism!

Hey everyone!

Me and my companion Elder Baptista had a killer week this week! We have been working really hard and this week the Lord has rewarded us greatly! We finished the week with 5 people on date for baptism, 7 people attended church, and we made 8 new investigators.

So Tuesday we had our usual district meeting in the morning and then went out to work after lunch. Today we had exchanges again and this time I was companions with Elder Rowberry. We worked in Twapia which is his area and had a okay day together. We had a lot of people drop our appointments because of various reasons but we still made it a great day. We had some fun taking some pictures that day too in the bush. Everything is so green here right now because it has literally rained every single day this whole week. I am loving the rain though because it makes the temperatures ideal for proselyting and it keeps our investigators home because Zambians don't move in the rain haha. The only downside is that there is mud everywhere and sometimes the rain and lightning gets really heavy where we can't move about even with rain jackets and umbrellas.

Wednesday we went and visited a less active member that stays in Itawa which is one of our areas that we don't go to much. The man we visited was very happy to have some visitors because he gets kinda lonely with his job. He is basically a house sitter. The cool thing is that the house his is taking care of is Bwana, meaning very nice or expensive. Anyway we were able to watch the Restoration short film with him which we are hoping will rekindle his desire for the gospel and motivate him to come back to church. After that we contacted some new investigators who requested that we teach them about repentance. That was a first for someone to request to learn about repentance. Then we taught a couple more lessons.

Thursday we met with a new investigator named Patrick that came to church the previous Sunday with his nephew Jeanpy. We learned a lot about that family that day haha. So Jeanpy is a member of the church from the DRC (Congo). Jeanpy only speaks French but his uncle Patrick speaks French, English, Bemba, and like 5 other languages, so he is very helpful when it comes to translating haha. Anyway we taught Patrick about the Book of Mormon and he loved it. We committed him to being baptized and gave him a date during our first lesson with him and he accepted! That was just one of many miracles this week. They fed us lunch after the lesson and then we left to go and teach Creseniah, Memory, Enet, and Agnes. If you have been paying attention to past emails you will realize that in the beginning we were only teaching Creseniah and Memory but now we are teaching more. Anyway we had a good lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we were able to commit Memory to date for baptism. She is very excited to be baptized soon. We have also talked to Agnes and Enet about baptism and they both want to be baptized as well! We have so much potential from this very big extended family. After our lesson and a meal with them we went to the church to support our branch devotionals and we had two investigators at the devotional. Patrick and Danny who we taught in the morning and Jeanpy along with several other members. Right after the devotional finished Benson showed up at the church and wanted to talk to the Branch President and us so we stayed a little longer. He explained to us why he hadn't been able to meet with us for the past two weeks and he told us he wants to begin learning again so he can be baptized soon. So we gave him a new date for baptism in a couple of weeks. All in all it was a amazing day!

Friday we went to the market and taught a man named Nelson. Nelson stopped us in the street the day before because he had been given a Book of Mormon by the previous missionaries serving here but they never went and taught him about it so he wanted us to do so. We gladly accepted the challenge and it turned out very well. We taught him the Restoration and he believed everything that we taught him. He shared some stories with us about other people criticizing our church but he wanted to know for himself what we believe. He truly was prepared to meet with us that day in the street. We committed him to join our church someday by being baptized and he accepted which was so awesome! The end of our lesson got interrupted however because the President of Zambia, Edgar C. Lungu, came parading right through the market with a whole crowd of people following him. So that was kinda cool I got to see the President of Zambia this week haha. After I snuck some pictures we went to our next lesson. We taught Regina, her children, and her sister Ridia the rest of the Restoration. It turned out to be a pretty good lesson though we are unsure if they will leave the church the are attending currently, so we will see. After that we went home to get the cake we made and we took it to our member for her birthday. She was very happy to receive visitors on her birthday and she really liked the cake haha. It's pretty sad but I learned that a lot of Zambians don't really celebrate birthdays, so that is why we had to help out haha.

Saturday we had our usual coordination meeting with our Branch President in the morning and then we went and taught Peter and his best friend Joshua. Ah Peter is just so awesome! He loves us missionaries and tells us often how grateful he is for our efforts in teaching him the gospel. He will be getting interviewed this coming Wednesday and then baptized this Sunday before church and we couldn't be more happy for him. His friend Joshua has been inspired by Peters desire to be baptized and wants to follow in his footsteps. We taught Joshua about the Book of Mormon and he agreed to read, ponder, and pray. We also committed him to being baptized and gave him a date and he gladly accepted. He is making big improvements in his life as well. He used to drink but now has given that up for the gospel. That was another miracle I was able to witness this week. After our meeting with them we went and saw some members and brought some cake to another members birthday party. We had three birthdays in total this week. As soon as we got home that night I got a call from our Branch President and received an assignment to give a talk in church the following day... so that was great haha.

Sunday morning I had little time to prepare my talk before we had to go and pick up our investigators Memory, Enet, and Agnes to bring them to church. We were able to show them to the church and we also had four other investigators show. Patrick, Benson, Peter, and Joshua all showed up as well. I gave my talk in sacrament meeting about Hope and Eternal Life. I just felt prompted to talk about those topics and it turned out pretty well. The book True to the Faith comes in very handy with last minute talk preparation haha. It turned out to be the best Sunday so far here in Ndola. All of the speakers and teachers did their part in making our Sunday Worship a success. After church we taught Kelvin again. We read 1 Nephi 1 with him and he liked the reading very much. He marked a lot of scriptures as we read together. We have also committed him to baptism and are looking forward to putting him on date this coming week. After that we went out to Mushili again and taught Precious and Jane with Sister Doris. We were able to shared some Mormon Messages with them and finish the Restoration.

All in all this turned out to be an amazing week full of miracles. The Lord really is blessing our efforts as we got out to work each and every day. I have really come to learn this week that everyone we meet in life is placed in our life for a reason. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be serving in the Great Zambia Lusaka Mission. Me and Elder Baptista are working very well together and enjoying all of the good memories we are making. This week is the last week of the transfer so I will let you know how transfers go but I am pretty sure I will be staying here and I hope that I will still have Elder Baptista as a companion for another transfer. Well that's a wrap for this week. Hopefully all is well back home! Until next week. Sending my love from Africa!!

Okay for reals, next week I will try to write a shorter email haha this week was just so amazing I had a lot to write about!

Love Elder Robins

Pictures: me in the bananas, two of my good friends, Hope's birthday and cake we made. It was so good!


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