January 29, 2018


Ndola, Zambia


Elder Baptista

Week 3 in Ndola

Hey fam! Had another great week this week! Things here in Ndola are starting to run more smoothly now except for the fact that we only had three full days to proselyte this week.

So Tuesday we started the morning by contacting Davies again. He ended up being busy so we didn't get to teach him but we had a good time visiting for a bit. After that we went out to Kabushi and met up with a less active member named Emmanuel that actually contacted us the previous week. He asked us if we were the "Mormon Missionaries" and so we had to say yes because we don't get that too much here. But anyway we met him and he took us to his house to meet his wife Ester and their two year old daughter Nema. I have to say that Nema has to be the smartest two year old I have ever met. She memorized our names the first time we told her and she speaks Bemba very well and responds when you talk to her. Anyway they are a way cool family and we are working to reactivate Emmanuel and hopefully beginning teaching his wife who is not a member. It was pretty hot that day so we spent sometime in their house in order to get to know them and they gave us some scones (muffins) and a cold drink (Fanta for me hehe). After we left their house we went and taught Creseniah and Memory more about the Book of Mormon. We basically just went over the Introduction again to make sure they understand why they need to begin reading it and that wrapped up the day.

Wednesday we started the day by meeting with another less active member and her friend Mable in hopes that we could teach them. Unfortunately they were busy washing clothes so we offered to help but they pleasantly rejected the offer because they were quote, "washing the girl clothes" haha. So we moved on and went to see another less active member of our branch. If you can't tell we have many... but this man, Lenny Tembo has a legitimate excuse. You may ask what qualifies as a legitimate excuse for not coming to church, but I think he qualifies. He was hit by a car four months ago which caused his leg to separate from his hip with multiple fractures. He still is waiting his turn to get operated on by the doctors at the hospital but the surgeons are so busy that it will probably be another week or month. So we can't physically get himself to church. That is why we go and visit him. Anyway he seems to be in pretty good spirits and he was very happy to have visitors. After we left his place we went and had lunch with a member named Dorcas and her part-member family. Even though it wasn't my favorite food appointment we still appreciated it. We had Nshima, mud or river fish (suckers or barbot), boiled vegetables, and African Bologna made from ground nuts (no meat in it but it has a meaty texture... not my favorite haha). After that we went and visited two different member families that are recent converts and continued teaching them. It was a good thing we did too because one individual shared with us that she was losing hope and faith. Ironically her name is Hope haha. But it all seriousness we thanked her for sharing with us and we read some scriptures with her.

Thursday we started the morning by getting stood up by an investigator so we decided to do some additional companionship study. We always try to find things to do to keep ourselves busy. After that we made lunch for our Branch President Safeli because he was working with the other missionaries in our flat this week. After lunch we saw Davies again and talked more about the gospel but he didn't have much time for us. After that we met up with Mutale Makasa and we taught him the message of the Restoration. He had actually read the whole pamphlet before we got there which was awesome because as we were going through it again he kept saying, "Oh yeah I remember reading about that," or "that makes more sense now." Anyway we had a good lesson with him and he understood very well. We are going to teach him the Book of Mormon this coming week and he is very interested about it. We hope to put him on date for baptism soon! After our lesson with him we went and taught Creseniah and Memory again. At the end of our previous appointment I asked them, "What do you want us to teach you about next time we come?" Memory shared with us that she wants to learn more about faith because she feels like she has been losing hers. So we talked about faith and read Alma 32 with her and she seemed to really like it. We left them both a Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet and said that we would begin through that with them. We are hoping to put both of them on date for baptism soon as well.

Friday we had Zone Conference at the Ndola Branch meeting house. It was really fun to see all of the Elders from the Kitwe District again! Elder Lusk ran up to me and gave me a hug when he saw me haha it kinda surprised me when it happened but I guess I should have expected it! I realized that I have missed those guys quite a bit. We had a lot of good times together and made lots of good memories. Anyway Zone Conference went really well. The Kupus came and taught us about a lot of things but something that really stood out to me was goal setting. In our mission recently it has been a requirement to put down one baptism every week as a goal. Our goal is to baptize weekly. This is an extremely challenging goal to meet but they are trying to build our faith and see what we can do when we trust in the Lord and work as hard as we can. A lot of other good things were taught and learned during the Zone Conference and it energized a lot of missionaries again including myself. After that we received some much needed materials for our flat such as fans, towels, a bucket to store our food in because of our cockroach infestation, a mop, and other cleaning supplies. We then got a ride back to the flat to drop off the stuff and we had a bit of time so we went and visited Hope again and shared some scriptures with her and her family. They appreciated our visit so much they insisted that we stay for dinner so we did and it tasted great.

Saturday morning we taught a family we had contacted earlier in the week. Regina is the owner of a big home where she raises her family and allows her siblings to live with her. We made four new investigators there even though more where present for the lesson, they are just under age. Anyway they are a way cool family and they have a lot of potential. Their neighbors a couple houses down are also members so we plan to use their help in teaching. After that we went out to Mushili Kansengo and talked with Peter for a little while and encouraged him to continue reading the Book of Mormon in preparation for his upcoming baptism. Oh yeah his date is the 10th of February and we are way excited for him! After that we stopped by some members to remind them about District Conference starting that day at 3 pm. Then we rushed to the Ndola Branch meeting house for the Priesthood Leadership meeting. Elder Reenes from the Area Seventy presided at the meeting and was the special guest for the conference. He was a very powerful teacher that inspired me and I am sure many others. He talked about a lot of things but what stuck out to me was something he was taught by Elder Bednar about Divine Law and Absolute Truth. He taught very well with some very powerful scriptures that really emphasized his point. He also talked a lot about self-reliance for the branch members.

Sunday we had our District Conference also in town at the Savoy Hotel. It was a pretty nice venue to hold the conference. Our District comprises of three branches, Luanshya, Masala, and Ndola. We had a pretty good attendance considering the distance that the Luanshya and my Masala branch had to travel to attend. We actually had five of our investigators at church as well! We even had a Musungu family at church!! (Musungu mean white person. I get called that more often then Elder haha.) But anyway it was way cool. So we have a less active member named Brother Moses who is a music teacher for this part white family. The mothers name is Mulenga and she has two colored sons and one white son. There is a big story behind it but you don't need to know right now. Anyway we are very excited to begin teaching them with Brother Moses helping to fellowship. In fact Brother Moses came to the District Conference and took care of the little white kid so that the mother could focus on the speakers. She told us after that she enjoyed the conference very much and that she had actually already attended our church once when she was in Seattle Washington. Way cool to connect with her! Also Creseniah and Memory came to the conference which was their first time at church! We are way excited about a lot of our investigators right now and are looking forward to hopefully having some baptisms soon.

All in all it was another great week here in Masala Ndola. I am loving the work and am anxious to get out tomorrow and get right to work. We set some high goals for this week and we aim to accomplish them. Well that's a wrap. Until next week. Sending love from Africa to you!

Also a few pictures of my area and some kids we played Futbol with!

Elder Robins


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