January 22, 2018


Ndola, Zambia


Elder Baptista

Week 2 in Ndola Zambia

Hey Family!
This wraps up another great week here in Ndola! A lot of stuff is happening here and we are staying very busy. The area here is thriving right now. We have found so many new people to teach and I am very excited about a lot of them.

So Tuesday I attended my first district meeting in this new district and it went very well. It was great getting to know all of the Elders and Sisters in the district. Turns out that I still have an mtc friend in my district. Sister Sekobella was in the mtc the same time as me but she was a Madagascar Missionary, anyway now she is here so that is pretty cool. Also some of the Madagascar missionaries are going back now. We already lost 4 last week and our zone leader Elder Snow is going back next Monday, so our mission is shrinking again. Anyway after district meeting we got lunch, delivered water to the Sisters, and then got to work. We went and taught Memory Sakala about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went pretty well. After the lesson she even gave us some free ice cream. The ice cream is bright pink so obviously I was expecting strawberry flavor but nope haha it was chocolate ice cream. She makes it by hand so it is kinda icy but it is pretty good. After teaching her we went to the church and taught some of our guards about the Book of Mormon.

Wednesday saw Davies in the morning and just talked for a bit because he was busy recording some music. Oh yeah I forgot to mention he is a producer and his name is "Smile K" haha. Later we went and taught a referral named Rachel. We met her when we asked some of the neighbourhood girls if they "know anyone that needs Jesus in their life?" They took us to her because they said she has Ngulu (Demons) inside her. Turns out she is just fine haha so we are still teaching her. After that we caught some lunch and then went out to Mine Masala and taught some guys named Mutale and Moses. We ended up teaching them for two and a half hours because they had so many questions. I finally told them that we would have to meet another time to discuss things further. After that we went and taught Creseniah, Memory Tembo, and Issac about the Book of Mormon and it went well. We finished the day with teaching Antony's brother Emmanuel about prayer and how he can receive answers. It was a great way to end the day.

Thursday we had our weekly planning in the morning and then went out to teach. First we taught Davies more about the Plan of Salvation pertaining to Earth Life and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. After that we made lunch for ourselves and our branch President Safeli. He took part of the day off of work to come and attend some lessons with us and it was very productive. We first went and taught Antony about the Book of Mormon and he seemed to accept it well. He is a very educated individual so it is very fun to teach him. The only thing is that he has a lot of questions that are building up and he keeps saving them. So we are going to try to open him up more this week. We did have a very powerful lesson with him though. After that we went and saw Memory Sakala and also taught her about the Book of Mormon. That lesson was very good as well and she accepted it. Afterwards we bought some ice cream cones for K2 and enjoyed them. After that we contacted Memory's neighbour Clarence just briefly and then went back to the church to watch President Monson's funeral but due to a lack of attendance it didn't happen.

Friday we had to run some errands in town in the morning and then came back home for lunch. We also taught a friend a little bit more about our church from the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet and she accepted to attend church on Sunday. After that we had several dropped appointments so we went and visited some active and less active members for a while. We finished the day by teaching Benson about Prophets from the Restoration pamphlet and it was a good lesson. He seemed to grasp (haha no pun intended) the pen analogy pretty well. He liked our lesson so much he took a bunch of selfies with us after the lesson haha.

Saturday we started our morning early with a member present lesson to our investigator Wendy Nabanyama who attended church with us the previous Sunday. We taught her about Prophets and the beginning of the Restoration. After that lesson we went to the church for our coordination meeting with President Safeli. It was a very good meeting. After that we met with another friend of ours named Natasha Tembo and took her to the church to teach her the Restoration. In the afternoon met with Davies again and finished the Plan of Salvation. He had three of his friends there with him so they all joined for the lesson. Bonus new investigators! Haha later we travelled to Mushili Kansengo and met with Peter and taught him about the 10 Commandments and really emphasised on keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. It was another great lesson with him.

Sunday was great! We had three investigators at church again. Even though a lot of other people let us down we were happy to see the ones that came. So Peter came and brought his best friend Joshua who we are also teaching. Also one of the neighbourhood girls came to church with us haha. Her name Mwale Bala. We taught about scriptures in our gospel doctrine/new investigators class. All of our investigators stayed the all the meetings which was great. After church we went and visited some of people that couldn't make it. We also taught Kelvin about the sacrament and enduring to the end from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He understood the lesson very well and told us that he would make the necessary changes to allow himself to attend church next Sunday. We are pretty excited about him. He is such a nice guy that has a whole new desire for accepting and learning about the gospel. He wants to be baptised soon. Later we went and visited a less active kid and decided to teach everyone that was in the house. So we made seven new investigators in one lesson! It was awesome.

Monday (Today, P-day) we have had a blast so far!! We went to the Mukuba Hotel here in Ndola and saw a bunch of Impala's and took pictures of them. We also played volleyball and capture the flag as a whole district. Then we ate lunch at the hotel in the fancy white table cloth restaurant and it was really good. I got a steak sandwich! Haha I was way tired though so I am going home now to take a nap.

Well all in all it was another great week! The past two week in a row now we have had 2 people on date, 3 at church, and 17 new investigators. The work is definitely moving along here. Well that's a wrap. Until next week. Sending love from Africa!

Ps. I will respond to all personal emails next week if time permits.


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