January 15, 2018


Ndola, Zambia


Elder Baptista

1st Week in Ndola, Zambia with New Companion

Well as you can tell I am starting over in a new area called Ndola! I am very excited to be serving here, this place is awesome! Ndola is still in the Copperbelt Zone too so I still get to interact with all the Elders from my previous district at Zone Conferences. The work is going so well here right now. Me and my new companion Elder Baptista killed it this week!! After just one week of work we have 3 people on date, 3 people attended church, and we made 17 new investigators! Pretty awesome right? Anyway everything is good here, well besides the flat and the Cholera outbreak haha. Our flat is way small and it is infested with Cockroaches... we talked to the Senior Couple Missionaries in Lusaka though and we should be having someone come to spray our whole flat with insecticides. A little more about our flat haha we don't have a lot of the luxuries that my last flat had. We don't have a washer or dryer so we have to hand wash our clothes, there is no air conditioning, no microwave, etc. We have one bathroom, a kitchen, one bedroom, and a small living room which is where me and my companion sleep haha I will send pictures soon. But anyway it has been eventful already. The four Elders living in the flat include myself, my companion Elder Baptista, Elder Rowberry (Our District Leader), and his companion Elder Gregrey. My new companion is way cool! He is from Angola and speaks Portuguese. I am currently finishing his training and helping him learn English sense he is only 10 weeks on mission. We get along very well though. He is way funny and his accent makes everything he says hilarious! He knows the Gospel very well and is a really big part in our lessons together. He has also been a big help in showing me around the area.

The other two missionaries in our flat are Elder Rowberry and Elder Gregrey. Elder Rowberry is from, well... it's complicated. He is from the states but he travels all over the world. Most recently before mission he was coming from Abu Dhabi. Anyway he is really cool. He is 6 months on mission, so just barely older than me. He just got transferred to this area from Lusaka to avoid the Cholera. He originally was in Madagascar until the mission closed, but guess what?! Breaking news haha he literally just received word that the mission has been reopened and now missionaries will slowly be sent back to Madagascar. Way cool for him! He is also our District Leader. His companion is Elder Gregrey. He is from Nigeria and is only 10 weeks on mission like my companion. He has been in this area so far on his mission so he has been a great help in getting to know the area and members as well. He is way tall haha and way funny! In fact all of us Elders in the flat are way funny and we are having a lot of fun together! Our new District consists of 6 Elders and 6 Sisters. I will get to meet the other missionaries at District meeting tomorrow. Well that is what has been going on most recently. I will proceed with the normal weekly email now.

Tuesday was my last day in Kitwe sadly... I spent the morning packing up all of my things and then we went out and spent the day saying goodbyes to as many members and investigators as I could. It was kinda sad leaving that area especially sense I was not expecting the move so I wasn't prepared for it. But I am loving my new area already. Anyway I was able to say goodbye to Shadrack and his family. Shadrack was so sad when I told him I was leaving later that night. He asked me, "Well wait, who is going to baptise me then?" I told him Elder Lusk was remaining and that he could baptise him but he didn't like that per say. Instead he insisted that either he come to Ndola to get baptised or I make the trip back to Kitwe to baptise him haha. We took some pictures together and I promised I would get them to him somehow. After that we went and taught a new family and made 5 new investigators which was awesome. Then I went and say goodbye to Big Sam, Richard, Lisa, Domisa, and the Cangasa Family. Then we contacted a referral from the Zone Leaders and the guy is already prepared to be baptised which is way cool for my trainer and his new companion Elder Tidwell. Those two are already really good friends which is great. I wrapped up the day by getting my last Shwarma from the "After Ten" and famous soft serve ice from the Riverside Mini Mart. I was picked up late that night around 11:30 and taken to Ndola. We arrived at 12:30 and went right to bed.

Wednesday we got right to work in our area. We went out and contacted some previous investigators, members, less-actives, and made some new investigators of our own. We taught a guy named Davies who just recently lost his mother and has been kind of depressed as of lately. I decided that we should teach him part of the plan of Salvation pertaining to the Resurrection and Spirit World. The lesson went well and he seemed to really understand our message. After that we visited with a member and asked him what he thought we could do to best help the branch. We shared some scriptures with him and had a good time getting to know him. I end up doing a lot of the talking because sometimes my comp feels uncomfortable talking in English but he is already feeling a lot more confident by the end of the week. So later we knocked a few gates and taught some guys named Daniel, John, and Thomas about Prophets. They really liked the pen analogy that I used and they wanted to meet with us again. After that we met another member named Sister Dorris and her son Simon and spent a little bit of time getting to know them because they just recently gave us some referrals. Man does she talk!! Haha anyway after that we went and taught Peter who was the referral from Sister Dorris and the lesson went pretty well. Peter shared with us that he was losing hope in what he was doing with his life. He explained that he has been feeling some pressure about his decision to be baptised from his family. We read a few scriptures with him referring to trials in life and it lifted his spirit. We shared with him 1 Corinthians 10:13 and later that night he texted us to say thank for the message we brought him. He was feeling much happier and stronger now in his desire to do what he thinks is right. That was really cool for me and my companion to hear that. Peter is a really good guy, he calls us very often now just to say hi to both of us and ask how our day is going and when we will visit him next. He is on tract to being baptised very soon and we are very excited about that.

Thursday we had our weekly planning in the morning and created a new area book because that is something that sadly missionaries just don't do in this mission. Anyway we were able to make a lot of good plans for the week which was very beneficial. After that we started our morning by tracting again and we made lots of new investigators. Later we met with another member named Dorcas and took her with us to be our guide to find a referral. She was a big help to us. We contacted Memory who was the referral and she is way awesome. She was already taught the Restoration so I quizzed her about it and she remembered very well so we introduced the Plan of Salvation. She was so thankful for our coming sense it had been over a year sense she was originally contacted so she gave us all drinks. Later we contacted another referral named Divine (he's a guy) and we introduced him to the Restoration. Then met with a investigator on date for baptism named Benson and he is way cool! We taught part of the Plan of Salvation and he had some very good questions for us.

Friday we made some more new investigators in the morning named Antony and Ronni. We just briefly contacted them and sense they invited us into their homes, we gave them a summary of the Restoration. Later we taught Davies more about the Plan of Salvation and he even invited his girlfriend to come and learn with him which was awesome. Then the rest of the day we had some dropped appointments so we made more contacts and spent a half hour or so playing soccer with the kids in the street and had a lot of fun with that. The ball was just a bunch of plastic sacks all wrapped up together but it was still fun.

Saturday we had our Branch Coordination meeting with our Branch President Safeli and that went very well. We actually used progress records and talked about all of our progressing investigators. We also talked about how we can best help the Branch grow and help with the split. The leaders and members are applying to start a new Branch in a place called Twapia which is Elder Rowberry and Gregrey's area. Anyway it was a really good meeting. After that members came to the church to clean and we helped for a bit before going out to work. We contacted some good friends of the previous missionaries here and agreed to begin teaching them soon. After that we went and taught Joshua and his family the Restoration. Joshua is Peters friend and met us one day and requested that we come and teach him. The lesson went very well! We could fill the Spirit in the room as we taught about bore testimony. Joshua understood very well and liked our analogies. After the lesson he asked how he could become a missionary like us and we told him that first thing, he would need to be baptised. He agreed to being baptised and already considers himself part of our church. He is way cool! After that we taught Peter about Tithing and Fast Offerings and the lessons went very well haha he had some good questions and some really funny ones that made the lesson enjoyable. Later we met with Benson again at the meeting house and finished the Plan of Salvation. It was such a powerful lesson. We taught from Adam and Eve to the end and he understood everything. I asked him to tell us what he learned several times during the lesson and he described things perfectly. It was beginning to get dark as we were teaching him so when we got to the Kingdoms of Glory we decided to go outside to look at the Moon and the Stars and we read with him 1 Corinthians 15:40-41 and it was such a Spiritual experience for all of us.

Sunday we really great getting to know a lot of the new members. I also helped my companion prepare a talk about missionary work and fellowshiping and he did so well! He told me he was nervous because he doesn't think he is good at English but he did great. His words flowed more fluently during that talk then I had heard during the course of the whole week. Elder Rowberry and myself also had the opportunity to bare our testimonies during the Sacrament meeting sense it was our first week in the Branch. During Sunday School we created and taught a new investigators/gospel principles class and that went well. We taught about the sacrament. The last hour of church was good as well. In total we had 3 investigators at church which not bad for the first week. After church we went and taught Kelvin about Baptism and committed him to being baptised, and he accepted! We didn't quite put him on date because it was my first time teaching him and I didn't know everything he had been taught. Anyway later we went and taught some people we met earlier during the week named Issac, Memory, and Cresaniah. Issac is a cousin to the other two sister but they all live together. We taught them the Restoration as well and it went very well. Later we just stopped by to say hi to Antony but he invited us to stay and teach him and his brother Emmanuel about the Restoration. I have to say that was the best lesson I have taught on mission so far! This was due to the fact that Antony had already read the whole pamphlet, he and Emmanuel have a good knowledge of the Bible, and he already wanted to learn more about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It was just so fluent as we talked back and forth and they just took in everything we said. I am very excited to continue teaching them! Sunday was also my companions Birthday so we had fun partying that night! He is now 22 years old. The neighbour girls next door even bought my companion a chocolate cake and a chocolate candy bar which was very generous of them. We literally have the best neighbours ever!! Haha I will tell you about Richard in the future because I am out of time today.

Well until next week. Sending my love from Africa to wherever you are and back! The church is true and I have to say that as of right now I Love Being A Missionary!

Elder Robins


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