January 2, 2018


Kitwe, Zambia


Elder Lusk

Happy New Years 2018

Hey everyone! Happy New Years!! Sorry this email is coming in a day late like last weeks. The internet cafe was closed for the Holiday so we couldn't email until now. It turned out to be another pretty good week here in Kitwe.

Tuesday I got to spend a lot of time doing fun festive holiday activities. We made a bunch of Sugar Cookies which took a lot longer than I was expecting haha but it was a lot of fun! I also got to go on exchanges with Elder Armstrong because he didn't get the opportunity to Skype his family on Christmas due to the power outage and the lack of working computers, so anyway that's why I got to write my weekly emails on Tuesday this week. After we finished up with that we went back home and had a BIG Christmas dinner with all of the Elder in the district! It was so good!! Haha we definitely ate like KINGS again! We splurged and bought two smoked hams and they were sooo good!

Wednesday we met up with Bob again and taught him more about the Book of Mormon and explained to him how it is different from the Bible, but also similar at the same time. I think he is a lot more clear on that now. Later we met up with Big Sam and taught him the 10 Commandments and that went very well. It was a lot of new stuff for him which kind of surprised me but it all made sense to him, so it went well. We also taught two new guys at the gym named George and Simon. Sam actually invited them to join us and they gladly did, so that was awesome! I love it when investigators invite their friends to learn as well. After that we went to the church to help out a couple of our members with some computer stuff. Lloyd is submitting his mission papers so it was cool that we got to help him out.

Thursday we met up with Richard, Lisa, and Domisa again and taught them about the Restoration and introduced the Book of Mormon. Richard had already been taught by missionaries in Lusaka so it was just a good refresher for him and he contributed a lot in catching his siblings up to speed. We left them with one copy of the Book of Mormon and promised to bring another copy on our next visit. After that we knocked a few houses and made some pretty good contacts that I am excited to begin teaching. Later we met up with Eric and taught him the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon. Ah he is just so "Golden!" He actually read the whole pamphlet before we met with him. As we were teaching him he kept having those "Ah ha" moments where things make sense. He had a lot of really good questions that made us very excited to continue teaching him. He asked us how he could receive the different Priesthoods? Me and my comp were both just shocked that he was already looking into that! I said, "Well first, you would have to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." He replied, "Okay, when can I get baptized?" That lesson honestly made my whole day! I am very excited about him!

Friday I got to go on exchanges again with Elder McCormick this time. It was awesome because I still got to work in an area that I am familiar with because it used to be my area before the Madagascar Elders got here and we split the area. So anyway it turned out to be a pretty good day. First we all met up for lunch with Elder Day because he had just finished his mission and his Mom flew all the way out here to pick him up and go on a little tour around Zambia before going home. That was kind of a trunky moment seeing a missionary spending time visiting the various areas of the mission with his Mom one last time before going home haha but it was still fun. Mama Day took us all to the After Ten in town and bought us Dona Kabobs and slushies! She was so nice to us! After lunch we went and got to work. Elder McCormick took me around Kwacha to some of the investigators that they have been teaching. We taught some pretty cool people and it ended up being a good day. It was nice to see how Elder McCormick teaches because I have been able to implement some of his techniques into my style of teaching. I was also able to show him a few good tips as well. We reunited at the end of the day at the Riverside Mini mart where we were able to get some soft serve ice cream to wrap up the day.

Saturday we had a Branch End of Year party at our meetinghouse. It was actually way fun! We provided the games at the party and it was very entertaining! We played Badminton, Futbol (Soccer), Tether-ball, musical chairs, telephone, etc. Elder McCormick made brownies and I made a ton of sugar cookies with frosting, so people got to have fun decorating those. (Thanks for the cookie cutter Mom) We also had a nice program with some skits and poetry and then we finished with eating dinner and watching a movie. We had the best Brai (BBQ) ever! We had BIG steaks, sausages, chicken, with potatoes salad, and various drinks. It was so good! The activity was a good experience for both the members and some of our investigators. Eric came and was very involved in all of the activities. It was a good experience.

Sunday we went to church early and attending PEC "for the first time in forever," haha name that movie! Anyway it went really good. We talked about assigning members to walk our investigators to church, so hopefully we will have more people attending church in the near future. We had a couple of new 13 year old kids come to church with their relatives so we will begin teaching them soon and hopefully progress them towards baptism. After church our Branch President took us to go and see a friend of his that is recovering from a Gallbladder surgery. The guys name is Pretorious. He is a very interesting guy. He is a white guy but he is an African. He has dual residency in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. Anyway we had a nice visit with him just getting to know him a little bit and we plan to begin teaching him soon with our Branch Presidents help. After that we went and taught Richard, Lisa, and Domisa about the Plan of Salvation and that lesson went very well! They had a lot of good questions about Adam and Eve, Earth Life, and Heaven. We were able to read from the Book of Mormon with them to answer all of their questions and they accepted it very well. They are an awesome group of kids. Lisa is around 18, Richard is about 17, and Domisa about 10. They are the most educated people I have talked to sense I have been in Zambia though haha their English speaking and reading skills are so good. Me and my comp both really enjoy teaching them.

Monday (Yesterday) we had a good day. We went and ate out at Spur which is basically an American Steakhouse and it was really good. They have a buy one get one free burger deal on Mondays only so we like to hit that up on special occasions, and sense yesterday was New Years we thought it was fitting enough. After that we went and played Futbol and Ultimate Frisbee with some of our members and had a good time. Then we went to the Munuga Family home for dinner and FHE. It was a good experience. We had rice, pasta, potato salad, and chicken. After dinner we read Alma 17 with their family to talk about missionary work because the eldest son, Lloyd is preparing for his mission.

All in all it was another good week here in Kitwe. This upcoming week wraps up the last week of the transfer which means that I will most likely be getting a new companion. I will keep you all updated on transfer news next Monday. Hopefully all is well back home! Until next week. Sending love from Africa!!

Elder Robins
Ps. Here are some pictures.

I Found Soccer Heaven!
The rains/flood.
The meetinghouse from outside the gate.


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